Activate the Inner Sun

Activate the Inner Sun a 5 Week Online Course with Britney Taylor the vibe is:  -unique soul frequency activation-using your inner sunlight to transmute energy-heart healing-inner child / past life healing-emotional healing-Joyful spirit activation no matter what you’re going through Hello beautiful soul!I am Britney Taylor, Healer, mother ,life coach and recent widow.Activate the Inner …

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Commit To Soul

Commit to Soul Bootcamp: What we will cover : Making the commitment to Soul, physically, emotionally and energetically. Committing to who you really are at the soul level, soul expression and creativity, soul and purpose work, the highest divine soulmate relationships, and so much more. Honouring the commitment to Soul when all of life gets …

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Britney Taylor

Instant Healing

Instant Healing Be Your Higher Self Now A 30 Day Online Course to Finally Heal and Be the Person You’re meant to be NOW, Grounded In Purpose & Soul and Uplifting the World With Your Light What if you didn’t need to endlessly heal yourself, take courses, read a thousand books on healing, have hundreds …

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