There is a life at the soul level that you know is really meant for you. Your highest good dream life manifested.💛 This post is starting out exactly the same as one I wrote in early 2020 when all my life’s dreams were manifesting, I was pregnant; engaged and moved in with the love of my life dream man, my business was expanding fast as joy filled creativity was birthing out of me too and some of my best courses were coming through. 🌟

Now, having gone through the loss of my dream man in the physical; and many dreams crushed, I still feel the exact same way about your true highest good and dreams manifested💛

While the actions of others, and especially those of our romantic partners because we take on some of their karma, can affect our lives in a big way, we can always restore what is our true destiny!

Since facing traumatic loss, that it has now been over a year from, I feel like I have now recovered and restored soul parts.🌟 While I will forever be changed and always grieve, by my unwavering dedication to the spiritual path and my own healing journey, I feel like me again, and in some ways an ever better version of myself, since new positive qualities have emerged from this that I never would have thought I could embody!💛

I truly believe we can take whatever we are given, and with our knowing of our innate spiritual power, and connection to our source; we can transmute literal sh•t circumstances into gold.💛 some of us as healers have a mission here to do exactly this!

I have always felt like fall 🍁 was my least favourite season, and I thought this year would be especially tough, but I am feeling a new energy and excitement for the future come in, and it’s all because I can feel my love whispering in my ear 👂 telling me how my life is being restored, and all those dreams I had, will happen, and there is nothing that can stop this from coming.

While he will not be here in the physical with me; we will forever be spiritually connected, and I feel he’s showing me that I will manifest another man in the physical in the divine right timing, that will have some of his qualities that made my heart and soul happy, plus more that are in perfect diving alignment for me and Dougy at this time. 💎💛🙏

I feel excited about this, and grieve at the same time because it was not what I wanted at all.

But we don’t always get what we want, but we can always live in gods grace no matter what.🤍🕊

I feel more spiritually connected than I ever have. And while it’s been the hardest journey I’ve ever had to go through, I am grateful to have had this love as long as I did; and the growth and healing that has come through the loss are truly a thousand miracles.

There is a highest good; divine plan for our life. That contains our truest hearts desires, in an even better way than we can imagine. We can align with this no matter what. Positive spiritual forces are lined up for us to receive this reality. We just have to stay devoted to our healing, transmuting all within that doesn’t believe in our good, and opening our trust to God/ source and our soul.

While messed up stuff happens on this planet; because people are not trained in emotional competency, and are all traumatized in some way. We can always choose to cultivate our own internal state; which leads to manifestation of the outer, while always trying our best to ensure that only the best energies / supportive people remain around us.

It’s our lives and we can choose our beliefs / energy states here, this true power has just been hidden from us.

I hope my story can inspire someone to believe in the miracle healing power of their soul and spiritual connection, and how dedication to the spiritual path can get you through the worst of times; and you can always stay connected to your soul, your loved ones in spirit, your source; and your belief in your highest good dream life manifested!💛😁🤍🕊 xo sending love



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