Taking on a romantic soulmates karma 🌹

Something I have been shown recently is how when we merge our lives physically / emotionally/ sexually / spiritually etc with someone in a soulmate relationship, there is a merge of energies/ karmas as well. This is mostly unavoidable . We are taking on the bad karma and good karma of another person.

The degree of how much bad karma depends on the amount of self awareness and dedication to their own healing the partners have.

The less self awareness the more likely the karma of one can be dumped onto the other, consciously or unconsciously .

If one has spent a life not dealing with their own karmas, allowing it to pile up, when they enter into the union it will start to come to the surface as the union energy has an alchemical power. This can be a very good thing as much healing can take place that was not able to or not happening as fast apart.

No one is perfect and we will all have our own lessons and karmic energies to deal with as we are here on this dense physical reality. But we don’t have to be 100% healed to be living in a way that is mostly karmicless, and that is just done by doing your best to not cause intentional harm to self or others. If you daily dedicate to your best, to serve the higher good of humanity, you can live without constant karmic backlash which causes suffering.

And even if you do take on a partner karma, you will not take it on as your own, and you can transmute it in a beautiful way out of love, and it will still be all so worth it,

This isn’t just for romantic soulmate that we take on the karma, we can also take it on by those around us just by the energy field merge. But the soulmates is the strongest exchange as there is the deepest soul love and the sexual energy merge creates the karmic tie.

Especially if you have a child.

We all have our own piece of the healing puzzle to transmute / work through. No one is coming here without something to work through / on. But when we are on the path of healing / self reflection it is so much easier to know what these issues are, which helps us not cause more karma for ourselves

And by acting in different ways than the old ways,

We can stop recreating karmic patterns by different actions,

but why is that so hard for some?

When it’s still operating unconsciously.

The best thing you could ever do is become aware of your emotional triggers and set of karmic issues you are here to work through, even just the realization can cause a big shift in itself, but then changing our actions to be more in alignment with our highest path will be the game changer.

Then entering in a soulmate partnership with someone with the same amount of care on their internal issues would be ideal, 🙏🌹


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