I receive healing miracles daily🕊

it is truly miraculous I am able to feel such serenity in my life after all I’ve gone through / going through learning how to be a widowed single mama .

There is even grief for me because I actually feel like such a better person now than when the love of my life was still here physically, I wish he could physically be with this version of me, but I know with 100% of my being he sees who I have become and is so proud, and also is helping me through his spirit to be this way anyways 🕊🙏🌹💎

Probably as somewhat of a trauma response, I became super obsessive with my daily practices and meditations since his death. Being 100% dedicated to my healing, dedicating to purify, and really FEEL and process everything with no escape; because I was determined to not let this ruin me, and to stay strong for our child. Now; almost coming to one year physically separated, I feel like ME again,

I am ready to bloom 🌸

And just so grateful that I can feel this way. I always wanted to be dedicated to a practice like this but life would get in the way; it took going through the worst trauma of my life to really commit to it, and the result is miraculous.

I don’t want to sound like bragging but I am just so proud of myself. Going through something like this,

you have choices, you can go all in on your healing or all in on misery, I chose the healing path and now I experience so many miracles, synchronicities and bliss that it’s actually sounds not even real.

My connection with my love has never been stronger, We talk all the time and we have grown so much in this way, now we are birthing this as a new mission of our union to help others with their spiritual healing and connection. 🕊 this is a miracle In itself 💎🌹

But the biggest miracle is not any external thing but the inner peace I can feel , and do feel 🕊

I always wanted to feel stable, serene, calm no matter what.

It took a lot to heal my childhood trauma and feel calm In This body…

It is the greatest work of my life 🕊🌸

My message is miracles are real and through spiritual connection and healing you can attune with this frequency and experience many miracles, big and small

And no matter what you have gone through you can rise above, walk through the fire 🔥 and come out on the other side an even better person because of it!

Tears to triumph!

So much love to All




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