Emotionally immature people will wreak havoc on your life. If you have an open and kind energy you may feel compassion and want to allow anyone into your sacred space ie your life , it does not have to be this way. It can be a distraction, a disruption, and downright abuse on your soul, to let emotionally unstable people close to you and give them your trust. They cannot possibly be trustworthy when they have not cultivated any internal awareness.

When you have taken the time, energy, dedication to your emotional state, it’s an act of self love and love for all of life to allow only people of a similar frequency close into your life. You will do much better work on your unique soul mission without endless drama and being pulled into all sorts of negative ego insanity.

I just share this as it blows my mind how I did not see this before. Everything I have gone through the last year is all because of this. And it is all for growth and learning, but I will not be doing this again, as a mother, and person dedicated to cultivation of internally peaceful states, I will not be polluting our sacred space by allowing emotionally immature people close to vomit their delusions all over our purity.

Nope. !

Note we are all pure at the soul level, but not everyone is living from this space. They can be living from a place of emotional trauma and non self awareness and spewing it all over onto you when you never deserved any of it, but just didn’t recognize the importance of boundaries and surrounding yourself with a like minded sort.


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