Healing Sessions

with Britney Taylor

You’re here because your Soul is calling you to more lightness. Joy. Freedom from those looping emotional patterns that you never seem to be able to let go of no matter how much “mindset” work or “personal development” courses you do.

You know it’s something in your energy. But, you’re not sure how to navigate these waters. But are very interested and oh so ready to jump timelines- into your Joy of Living reality!

Miracles can happen in one session.
What can be in your multidimensional field?

We are multidimensional beings. We have energies working with or even against us on multiple levels!

What comes up with my clients or myself in a field work session?

I can help you:

And so much more!

My Story
I have been a healer of multiple modalities since 2014 when I was 19 years old.

(Theta healing, reiki, hypnotherapy, heart resonance: to name.)

But, when I had my first multidimensional healing session with my mentor (Emily Joy Harris) my entire world was turned upside down (in a good way.)

In my body I felt like I could feel my DNA activating, I had chills everywhere. My vision instantly improved (yes I could actually see clearer.)

I immediately was able to release dark energies and feel like I was the lightest I had been in my entire life! After this, my business improved exponentially as I was more aware of my deeper soul gifts, beyond my previous understanding of them.

And one gift being- to do these multidimensional healing sessions myself!

I immediately dove deep into immersive oracle training with Emily to learn how to do these sessions myself. And now I will never look back!

I have been a healer since 2014, an online business owner and coach since 2017, I’ve worked with probably hundreds of mentors, invested around 100k in personal development, and these healings are the most powerful of anything I have ever done!!!

I am so grateful I followed my soul and experienced it for myself- and now my entire mission has taken on a whole new level of depth and healing power.

I have since been certified in other aspects of this multidimensional healing as well-

And I will continue to devote my life to doing these healings- because they work better and faster than anything I’ve ever experienced! And my mission is to serve in the highest way possible!

Feel the soul pull? I would definitely trust that.


Working with golden christed / Lyran healing light for reconnection to truth / unconditional love and miracle healing.

Implant / entity removal. Dark beings that can be implanted in your energy field, the clearing of these so that you can be free / sovereign in your own energy.

Accessing your multidimensional self/ soul origins/ starseeds origins/ and the specific soul team / guides that you work with! ie. lyrans/ arcturians. Jesus. King Arthur. Dolphins / faeries. We all have a specific spirit team and yours will definitely come through in a session!

Timeline repair/ healing. There are different timelines for us to be living, lower ones of suffering and struggle and higher ones of serving others and abundance in all levels- I can help you cut cords with lower timelines and choose your highest available Joy of Living reality!

Soul gifts activation. Activating your truest soul gifts, and receiving clarity around your mission on this planet as a healer / starseed and light worker.

Angelic Wings healing with rainbow plasma light. This affects your spiritual mission and also your relationships/ soulmate manifestation. Clearing distortions around relationships. To allow for divine union manifestation.

Past life healing/ inner child healing/ deep heart healing and reconnection to holy father/ holy mother. Religious trauma healing.

Sexual healing. Relationship healing and restoration of true masculine/ feminine energies within.

And so much more!!!

There are a million possibilities of what can be healed in your multidimensional field, it’s all very intuitive what will come through for you! No two sessions are ever the same!


I had a session with Britney a few nights ago and WOW, it was so powerful. My posture was noticeably improved within just the first few minutes of our call. I usually have a hard time feeling shifts in my body but during our call I could actually feel my heart and throat opening, my energy expanding and getting lighter. Days later I can still feel the shifts. I feel like she popped my soul back into alignment, it’s amazing! She even sent helpful notes about our session so I can refer back to them and tap into that energy again at any time. Seriously can’t recommend her work enough!

I had an amazing field work healing session with Britney. It connected me more deeply to my soul family, and provided insights on past lifetimes & how they’re playing out today. We also cleared dark energy and trauma I was holding onto in my body and Energy field. Such an empowering experience. Thank you Britney, you’re so gifted!!


I did a field work session with Brit and I must say if you haven’t done it yet, you must!!. The experience was amazing. Things made sense and I found so much clarity. I instantly felt lighter with pure bliss and healing. I could feel the shift. I can’t wait to book another session! Thank you Britney Taylor


I had a field work session with Britney Taylor and all I can say is WOW! I have worked with alot of healers and Britney’s vibe is the BEST! The session I had was magical and worth way more than she charged me. I’ve never had anyone identify and transmute so much funky energy so quickly in my life. Brit is so tuned in and just radiates love and positivity. She is a beautiful channel and her work is divine. If you have the chance to work with her on any level, DO IT! You will be very happy you did!

Are you ready for the
healing experience
of a lifetime?

Book your session here: after you pay, Brit will be in touch within 24 hours for your scheduling/ booking link!