Healing Sessions

with Britney Taylor

You’re here because your Soul is calling you to more lightness. Joy. Freedom from those looping emotional patterns that you never seem to be able to let go of no matter how much “mindset” work or “personal development” courses you do.

You know it’s something in your energy. But, you’re not sure how to navigate these waters. But are very interested and oh so ready to jump timelines- into your Joy of Living reality!

Miracles can happen in one session.
What can we do in a healing session?

Healing sessions can help you release blockages in various aspects of your life. You can be free of patterns plaguing you for lifetimes. You can tap into your confidence and unique Soul gifts. And so much more!

I can help you:

And so much more!

My Story
I have been a healer of multiple modalities since 2014 when I was 19 years old.

I had my first healing session in 2014, and I immediately felt like a dark cloud that had been with me since I was a child was lifted off me. I felt so different, I was determined to learn this modality myself! I took my basic and advanced Theta Healing courses in 2014. I also became certified in Reiki at that time as well. In 2017 I became a Reiki Master Teacher, and furthered my Theta Healing training by taking two more courses on “Digging deeper” belief work course and “Manifesting and Abundance” . In 2018, I became a certified hypnotherapist. In 2019, I became a Heart Resonance practitioner. In 2021, my most recent training has been with Oracle of Sophia, multidimensional fieldwork, Activate your gifts, and Galactic Reiki. 

Ever since 2014 when my life and energy radically changed in a healing session, I have been devoted to the healing path! In my sessions now, I mix all of my trainings, with my own intuition. 


Golden light healing, unconditional love Reconnection. Allowing you to feel more loved and connected with your spiritual Source than ever before. 

Energy clearing. Removal of stuck energies, blockages, so you can feel more like you and way lighter! 

Accessing your multidimensional self/ soul self. Who you really are at a soul level. 

Timeline repair/ healing. I can help you cut cords with lower timelines and choose your highest available Joy of Living reality!

Soul gifts activation. Activating your truest soul gifts, and receiving clarity around your mission on this planet as a healer / starseed and light worker.

Healing heartbreak, relationship issues, jealousy and insecurity being replaced with confidence and faith that you are lovable and a powerful magnet to your true soulmates!

Past life healing/ inner child healing/ deep heart healing and reconnection to father/ mother aspect of God. Religious trauma healing.

Physical body confidence activation, feeling sexy, secure, and attractive in your own skin. Self love and inner light activation. 

And so much more!!!

There are a million possibilities of what can come up in your healing session. No two sessions are ever the same!


I had a session with Britney a few nights ago and WOW, it was so powerful. My posture was noticeably improved within just the first few minutes of our call. I usually have a hard time feeling shifts in my body but during our call I could actually feel my heart and throat opening, my energy expanding and getting lighter. Days later I can still feel the shifts. I feel like she popped my soul back into alignment, it’s amazing! She even sent helpful notes about our session so I can refer back to them and tap into that energy again at any time. Seriously can’t recommend her work enough!

I had an amazing field work healing session with Britney. It connected me more deeply to my soul family, and provided insights on past lifetimes & how they’re playing out today. We also cleared dark energy and trauma I was holding onto in my body and Energy field. Such an empowering experience. Thank you Britney, you’re so gifted!!


I did a field work session with Brit and I must say if you haven’t done it yet, you must!!. The experience was amazing. Things made sense and I found so much clarity. I instantly felt lighter with pure bliss and healing. I could feel the shift. I can’t wait to book another session! Thank you Britney Taylor


I had a field work session with Britney Taylor and all I can say is WOW! I have worked with alot of healers and Britney’s vibe is the BEST! The session I had was magical and worth way more than she charged me. I’ve never had anyone identify and transmute so much funky energy so quickly in my life. Brit is so tuned in and just radiates love and positivity. She is a beautiful channel and her work is divine. If you have the chance to work with her on any level, DO IT! You will be very happy you did!

Message with testimonial of working with Brittney Taylor
Message with testimonial of working with Brittney Taylor
Are you ready for the
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