Are you ready to manifest your dream love and life through the joy of living?

Let me share with you my exact processes, mindset and SOUL to shift into your dream love life and life!

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Let me share with you my exact processes, mindset and SOUL to shift into your dream love life and life!

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I help women believe in themselves

and their ability to have their dream life. Through my coaching, they can tap into their true power and confidence, and create their dreams.

Results You Can Expect During or After
Our Time Together

Inner changes, from neediness to detachment. From feeling ugly to feeling HOT AF. From feeling rejected to loved, loving, whole and complete!

Change in the type of men you attract. From unavailable, boring, or commitment-phobe to readily available to love you for you, wanting what you want, and satisfying your dreams!

Miracles unfolding in your life in ways you never expected, men, money, career and more.

Knowing of your power to create.

The peace of tapping into your ultimate source of power and comfort : Your Soul.

​Tapping into an unconditional love for all of life.


Angelic DNA

Angelic DNA Workshop

Joy of Living Codes

You are coded to live your dreams. Your happiest life. Your Joy of Living! It’s in your DNA but you’ve long forgotten this. You have …

Commit To Soul

Commit to Soul Bootcamp: What we will cover : Making the commitment to Soul, physically, emotionally and energetically. Committing to who you really are at …

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What My Clients Say

The first time I saw Brit on IG live I just got this vibe that I needed to work with her.
I was just starting out my business and was feeling extremely doubtful of myself and my abilities.I was afraid to put myself out there because I didn’t believe in my value. When I saw Britney’s Joy of Living Package, I got a STRONG intuitive nudge that I needed it. So even though it was out of my price range, I signed up. And let me tell you, it was worth every penny.
Brit made me feel so safe, loved, and empowered when I was in my vulnerable state.Her theta healing sessions literally cleared trauma and beliefs that I had been carrying around since childhood! After each session I felt amazing! Light, free, and empowered.I felt so motivated to take action on building my business where as before I was hiding and unsure that I even had anything to offer! If you are hesitating to join Brit’s Joy of Living Package  – SIGN UP! She is seriously one of the most amazingly talented coaches, astrologists and healers out there. But the main thing that drew me to Brit was her authenticity and ability to unapologetically be herself. There’s nothing about her that is not genuine. If she sees bullshit, she calls it out. She is not afraid to be herself. And in a world of fake, people-pleasing, mask wearers, Brit is exactly the kind of person you need to be surrounding yourself with. If you feel any sort of intuition guiding you toward working with Brit, please DO IT! You won’t regret it

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Living in joy, living your life’s dreams — this is what you were born for and why you came!! Manifest your dream love and life through Joy of Living.

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