Astrology Readings

with Britney Taylor

Do you struggle with knowing which Astrologers to trust in a celestial sea of conflicting sources?

Are birth chart sessions giving you information overwhelm – without concrete action steps?

Knowing one’s inner self and soul is the best way to discern what advice is actually good for you.
Who Are You Underneath Earthly Identities?

For over a decade, I’ve studied the meaning behind the motions of the stars & planets.

Astrology led me to uncovering that every Soul has a purpose.

It helped me release the feeling that life was meaningless.

Thankfully, I discovered Astrology before my dark times spiraled out of control.

I was able to use my understanding of birth charts to completely eliminate karmic patterns.

Once I knew I was here for a reason, it became easy & effortless to make aligned decisions.

Are you ready to:

And so much more!

My Story
I have studied leading Astrological modalities since 2010 when I was 15 years old.

Does your soul feel stagnant or uncomfortable?

You won’t find your unique keys to unlocking joy & safety on somebody else’s path.

A 1:1 Astrology Session will help you make sense of your past & present, so you can discover your destiny today.

I offer two kinds of 1:1 Astrology Sessions:

1. Personal Natal Chart – Also called a Birth Chart, you’ll gain massive clarity on your inner workings, plus an understanding of your ideal Soul path.

2. Relationship Synastry Chart – For two Souls who are ready to reveal the purpose of their partnership, plus the gifts & challenges inherent to their one-of-a-kind astrological chemistry.

In both cases, the private consultation included in your package will give you actionable steps for working with the energies productively.

Now you can benefit from the thousands of hours I’ve invested into learning the language of the stars & planets.

Whether you’re looking to magnetize your dream man, multiply your money, or demystify your purpose, letting me deep dive into the codes to your Soul is the perfect first step.

Plus, there’s nothing more I love than sharing my gift.

Order your reading today!

I'm humbled to help you uncover who you truly are -

And I will continue to devote my life to mastering Astrology – because it’s more accurate & helpful than anything I’ve ever experienced! And my mission is to serve in the highest way possible.

Feel the soul pull? I would definitely trust that.

Why You'll Love Your Session

Build Your Confidence – Transform from shy & uncertain to assertive & confident by aligning with your core truth.

Realize Your Self – Quantum leap between old habits & your highest calling by focusing on specific sky aspects.

Activate Your Soul – Insights inspire you to stop sleepwalking & wake up to your dream life.

Heal Your Inner Child – Knowing why things happened helps you release ADHD, anxiety, & depression.

Uncover Your Chemistry – Synastry empowers you to peek beneath the surface of your partnership every time.

Fulfill Your Purpose – Drop existential dread like *that* by understanding the many faces of your Soul mission.

Discover Your Past Lives – Key mysteries to your story unravel when your birth chart reveals deeper patterns.

Harmonize Your Sexuality – You deserve the deep peace born from integrating your inner masculine & feminine.

And so much more!!!

There are a million possibilities of what can be hidden in your natal chart. Based on your input, I will focus on what matters most to you. No two sessions are the same!

Jodi Randall

I invested in Brit’s 1:1 Synastry Chart Session for her to lay both my and my ex’s charts over each other. I was drawn to do this, as even though I have done so much work on my contributing part to our Soul ending, I wanted to see what aspects, conjects, and areas that I could have been more mindful of whilst in the relationship. This actually uncovered what was deep in my Soul knowing, but I couldn’t articulate it. Brit put the jigsaw together for me, she sees light in everything and provided me the details and actions to take to ensure my next relationship. I am now fully aware of navigating situations from Soul rather than what society says. I’m frickin’ investing in Brit’s Astro Charts for ANY new Kings that are lucky enough to get that close to me. There are never issues within the relationship, it always comes back to our own healing.


My curiosity about astrology grew after watching many YouTube videos the past year. There are many good astrology channels out there but I felt Britney’s was the best hands down. I was especially fascinated with her synastry videos. This prompted me to get her reading on a recent relationship I had this past year that was confusing and left me asking many questions! Well, her reading of the overlay of our charts just blew me away! She is very adept at her craft, and gifted in her style of communication with so many people as you’ll notice from her great YouTube. Needless to say, I was impressed and felt like I understood so much more about myself and others after her educating me about this unique time in my life. I also referred my sister to do it and she plans on listening to Britney’s take on her current relationship as well. I recommend Britney’s expertise to anyone with relationship questions or simply need a personal chart reading for themselves. It’s highly valuable in my opinion and you will be wiser for it! Order a reading and subscribe to her channel. She’s the best. Thanks again Britney!

STeven Safak

I have been following Britney’s information & story since 2017. As a highly skeptical person, I observe that her genius ability to synthesize holistic information & then present it in a totally grounded, non-woo-woo way, has positioned Britney as one of the very few spiritual authorities who I allow to teach & guide me. My Birth Chart Session blew my mind because I uncovered what each House means & more.

Alex Rod

Hey Brit, just wanted a say a big thank you for your 1:1 Astrology Session the other week. It was beyond insightful and just what I needed. This week I started fully reading through my Houses and allowing your insights to percolate in my meditations. Sending all my gratitude and appreciation to you. Also it’s SO cute to see how in-sync your son Dougy is!

Are you ready for the
healing experience
of a lifetime?

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