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with Britney Taylor
Knowing one’s inner self and soul is the best way to discern what advice is actually good for you.
Who Are You at the deepest Soul Level?

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And so much more!

My Story
I have studied leading Astrological modalities since 2010 when I was 15 years old.

For over a decade now, I have been studying astrology.

Astrology led me to uncovering that every Soul has a purpose.

It helped me release the feeling that life was meaningless.

Thankfully, I discovered Astrology before my dark times spiraled out of control.

I was able to use my understanding of birth charts to completely eliminate karmic patterns.

Once I knew I was here for a reason, it became easy & effortless to make aligned decisions.


Does your soul feel stagnant or uncomfortable?

You won’t find your unique keys to unlocking joy & safety on somebody else’s path.

A 1:1 Astrology Session will help you make sense of your past & present, so you can discover your destiny today.

I offer two kinds of 1:1 Astrology Sessions:

1. Personal Natal Chart – Also called a Birth Chart, you’ll gain massive clarity on your inner workings, plus an understanding of your ideal Soul path.

2. Relationship Synastry Chart – For two Souls who are ready to reveal the purpose of their partnership, plus the gifts & challenges inherent to their one-of-a-kind astrological chemistry.

In both cases, the private consultation included in your package will give you actionable steps for working with the energies productively.

Now you can benefit from the thousands of hours I’ve invested into learning the language of astrology.

Whether you’re looking to magnetize your dream man, multiply your money, or demystify your purpose, letting me deep dive into the codes to your Soul is the perfect first step.

Plus, there’s nothing more I love than sharing my gift.

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I'm humbled to help you uncover who you truly are -

And I will continue to devote my life to mastering Astrology – because it’s more accurate & helpful than anything I’ve ever experienced! And my mission is to serve in the highest way possible.

Feel the soul pull? I would definitely trust that.

Why You'll Love Your Session

Build Your Confidence – the natal chart shows your unique soul blueprint, so you can embody more of your natural giftedness, and overcome your life’s challenges, all shown by aspects in the birth chart.

Realize Your Self – Your deepest self and soul truth is shown by the birth chart. The north node, Jupiter, sun, and so much more, all show your talents, joy, where your soul is meant to be focused in this lifetime. I can help you understand these deeply which will help every single area of your life!

Activate Your Soul – I specialize in Soul purpose in my sessions, which I have found to be shown by the North Node, sign and house placement, and by integrating the sign of the South node. Among other placements as well! 

Heal Your Inner Child – the moon, south node, difficult aspects in the natal chart all show what you have come to transmute and heal in this lifetime. I can help you pinpoint this and have many aha’s that will heal and free you from past patterns.

Uncover Your Chemistry – Synastry (relationship chart comparison) empowers you to peek beneath the surface of your partnership every time, showing the relationships unique purpose/ gifts/ challenges. This is one of my specialties. 

Fulfill Your Purpose – your unique purpose is shown by your birth chart, I can provide insight to this in a session. This is one of my specialties. 

Discover Your Past Lives – Key mysteries to your story unravel where your birth chart reveals deeper patterns. (south node, moon, saturn, challenging aspects, and gifts retained from other lifetimes, shown by easy aspects, trine or sextile. and exalted planetary placements.) 

Harmonize Your Sexuality – You deserve the deep peace born from integrating your inner masculine & feminine. Moon and Venus represent the feminine. While Sun and Mars represent the masculine. Moon is what a man looks for in a wife. Venus is the lover. Mars is how he gets her. Moon is the feminine heart. Venus is a woman’s feminine confidence and allure. Mars is the type of man that turns her on. Knowing all these make relationships flow so much easier, and help you integrate your internal masculine/feminine energies. 

And so much more!!!

There are a million possibilities of what can be hidden in your natal chart. Based on your input, I will focus on what matters most to you. No two sessions are the same!

Jodi R Filleul

“One of the best things that I’ve ever done is invest in a synastry chart with Britney. So it was overlaying my Astro chart with my ex boyfriends. And it shows why we are now continuing this journey in a different fashion. It’s amazing to do and it makes you take responsibility for your part. And it shows you all the aspects being made, where you have conjunctions, squares, etc. where you compliment each other and where there are “watch outs”. If you want one seriously go to Britney. She is amazing at these synastry charts! Her explanation is so beautiful and divine and really shows great direction for where you want to go in your life!

Jen lancaster

“I recently had a synastry session with Britney. This is for anyone not just people you are romantically involved with. Mine was with a mentor of mine whose work I’m so drawn to and I wanted to better understand why and the process of mentorship between us This session gave me everything I was looking for. I left with insights that helped me understand myself and the collaboration process better. I highly recommend this for anyone!”

Ben hull

“I had an astrology chart done by Britney and needless to say every sentence gave me goosebumps, it was beyond resonate. It’s seriously wild how spot on these things can be, and how empowering & illuminating. I had a chart done before years ago that made a lot of sense, now having one done again it was divine timing and so so so so so spot on. It’s so illuminating for me to remember why I am the way that I am, how the energies work into my field, and it helps shine light on my path forward. She did such an amazing job that I asked if I could share a post about what she does!I can’t thank her enough for the insight she gave me with this! I still feel the goosebumps thinking about the accuracy of the chart and the write up! It’s wild how energy works and how intrinsically planned our earth experience is, our soul picked the exact time of birth, the date and year for precise energetic reasons. It’s great to find out more about this stuff!”

Dr. john Crawford

”I’ve been working in astrology for nearly a decade. I know when people are competent and skilled in their craft. Britney is a powerful force of healing, grace, intuition, wisdom and insight. Her transformational readings have given me so much to support me over the years I’ve been working with her. If anyone is looking to learn more about themselves, their relationship and their life path, Brit is the one you want to chat with. Not only is she incredibly sweet, intelligent, kind and generous, she has a unique ability to be able to support everyone in their process, from the beginner’s of astrology all the way up to those who have been using this work for decades.

I would recommend anyone to get a reading if you’re looking for more clarity and healing, especially when connecting in with a new relationship. When I got a reading with my girlfriend I garnered so much because Brit took the extra time to study my chart at a very deep level in preparation for our reading. She was so excited and so happy to share about the ways my girlfriends astrology impacted mine and vice versa.

I am so confident in her skills and I trust her dearly. She has the ability to be both highly skilled and yet extremely compassionate. Anyone can learn and grow from working with a master like her. You can easily see she’s been doing this for a long time and my own relationship was powerfully impacted by her ability to attune and observe both mine and my girlfriend’s astrology, and how they interact, to give us a lot of graceful insight that I’m still thinking about many months later. She’s a true master, teacher and guide. Britney is one of the most trustworthy and caring individuals I’ve had the pleasure to meet. If you’re open to learning more about yourself or the intricate ways you can connect with another through relationships, she’s the one for you. I could not recommend her more highly.”

Are you ready for the
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