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the joy of living.

I help women believe in themselves, learn manifestation and connect to their souls.

I help women believe in themselves and their ability to have their dream life. Through my coaching, I help them tap into their true power and confidence, and create their dreams. Here are a few of my online courses.




Angelic DNA

Angelic DNA Workshop

Joy of Living Codes

You are coded to live your dreams. Your happiest life. Your Joy of Living! It’s in your DNA but you’ve long forgotten this. You have …

Commit To Soul

Commit to Soul Bootcamp: What we will cover : Making the commitment to Soul, physically, emotionally and energetically. Committing to who you really are at …

Britney Taylor

Instant Healing

Instant Healing Be Your Higher Self Now A 30 Day Online Course to Finally Heal and Be the Person You’re meant to be NOW, Grounded …

Soul Purpose two week course with Britney Taylor

Soul Purpose: A Two Week Journey

Soul Purpose A two-week journey with Britney Taylor Starting May 1st ✨Soul Purpose.✨ What you actually came here for. What it was actually meant to …

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Inner Light Activation

Inner Light Activation A Self Love Course with Britney Taylor  Rewire Your Brain to total Self Love and Acceptance of your GODDESS nature.  Awakening Inner …

Manifest your Dream Life School with Britney Taylor

Manifest Your Dream Life School

Manifestation School is in session! I know what it feels like to be working on yourself continuously, seeing little changes and then feeling like you …

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Awaken Soul School

Awaken Soul School 4 Days to connect back to soul truth, gain clarity around your life challenges, and align to your life’s purpose! Each day …

Dream Man Plan

Dream Man Plan

The Dream Man Plan

Joy of Living

The Joy of Living VIP Bundle : Activate Your Joy of Living in 2020 with Britney Taylor  Are you ready to Reactivate the Joy of …


Heal Your Jealousy

Heal Your Jealousy: From Fear & Despair to Gracious, Loving, Goddess A two week Intensive with Britney Taylor Jealousy for me felt like a base …


Soulmate Frequency

The Soulmate Frequency For Spiritual Babes Ready to Master Your Energy, Heal Your Heart and Call in Your Soulmate and Soulmate Life In the Soulmate …

Light, Joyful and Free

It is your Birthright to feel Light, Joyful and Free It is your Birthright to feel Light, Joyful and Free Each moment is a new …

Britney Taylor podcast

Serenity Now: The Inner Peace Plan

Serenity Now: The Inner Peace Plan 21 Days to Happiness Right Now Serenity Now: The Inner Peace Plan 21 Days to Happiness Right Now Are …

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What My Clients Say

“Working with Britney was amazing. My energy instantly shifted and I started manifesting more joy into my life. Her vibe is so magnetic and I could feel that spill over into my own relationships. I have learnt so much about implementing law of attraction techniques into real life dating situations which is something I couldn’t quite wrap my head around in certain situations. I definitely recommend working with her and definitely will work with her again in the future. She is such an amazing coach I always felt comfortable in being vulnerable and open with her. She is amazing and has such a wealth of knowledge!”