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the joy of living.

I help women believe in themselves, learn manifestation and connect to their souls.

I help women believe in themselves and their ability to have their dream life. Through my coaching, I help them tap into their true power and confidence, and create their dreams. Here are a few of my online courses.


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Instant Healing

Instant Healing Be Your Higher Self Now A 30 Day Online Course to Finally Heal and Be the Person You’re meant to be NOW, Grounded …

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Manifest Your Dream Love & Life Video Series

Manifest Your Dream Love & Life Video Series This three part video series will bring you on a transformational journey of healing yourself and learning …

Soul Purpose two week course with Britney Taylor

Soul Purpose: A Two Week Journey

Soul Purpose A two-week journey with Britney Taylor Starting November 5th ✨Soul Purpose.✨ What you actually came here for. What it was actually meant to …

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Inner Light Activation

Inner Light Activation A Self Love Course with Britney Taylor  Rewire Your Brain to total Self Love and Acceptance of your GODDESS nature.  Awakening Inner …

Manifest your Dream Life School with Britney Taylor

Manifest Your Dream Life School

Manifestation School is in session! I know what it feels like to be working on yourself continuously, seeing little changes and then feeling like you …

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Awaken Soul School

Awaken Soul School 4 Days to connect back to soul truth, gain clarity around your life challenges, and align to your life’s purpose! Each day …

Dream Man Plan

Dream Man Plan

The Dream Man Plan

Joy of Living

The Joy of Living VIP Bundle : Activate Your Joy of Living in 2020 with Britney Taylor  Are you ready to Reactivate the Joy of …


Heal Your Jealousy

Heal Your Jealousy: From Fear & Despair to Gracious, Loving, Goddess A two week Intensive with Britney Taylor Jealousy for me felt like a base …


Soulmate Frequency

The Soulmate Frequency For Spiritual Babes Ready to Master Your Energy, Heal Your Heart and Call in Your Soulmate and Soulmate Life In the Soulmate …

Light, Joyful and Free

It is your Birthright to feel Light, Joyful and Free It is your Birthright to feel Light, Joyful and Free Each moment is a new …

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Serenity Now: The Inner Peace Plan

Serenity Now: The Inner Peace Plan 21 Days to Happiness Right Now Serenity Now: The Inner Peace Plan 21 Days to Happiness Right Now Are …

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What My Clients Say

“Working with Britney was amazing. My energy instantly shifted and I started manifesting more joy into my life. Her vibe is so magnetic and I could feel that spill over into my own relationships. I have learnt so much about implementing law of attraction techniques into real life dating situations which is something I couldn’t quite wrap my head around in certain situations. I definitely recommend working with her and definitely will work with her again in the future. She is such an amazing coach I always felt comfortable in being vulnerable and open with her. She is amazing and has such a wealth of knowledge!”