If you desire to have more accurate and truthful perceptions that bring you clarity and deeply heal you, the first step is to work on preparing the mental/ emotional body for this. Begin by daily working through healing your fears, really taking an honest inventory of yourself, what deeply triggers you and makes you fearful?

Also working through your superior / inferior thoughtforms, where do you feel above or below others? To really see the truth you will need to come to a place where you know you are no better or no worse than anyone. All are equal in the eyes of god and all are uniquely gifted and have our own set of challenges for this lifetime.

I remember when I used to say a prayer to clear superior/ inferior thoughtforms , in a time when I felt very insecure in my life, it was like after I really downloaded that truth that I was no better or worse than anyone I was able to function in life without being paralyzed with anxiety feeling inferior to others. It was really a pivotal moment for me in grounding into this human body and dispelling some of the lies that I was not good enough or not capable or certain things others were. I slowly started to be able to see my goodness after this practice.

When we are triggered with all types of fears and insecurities or superior feelings to others we are unable to accurately see situations.

Sometimes the truths may still come in but we can doubt them because it goes against what we unconsciously know to be true.

Focusing on god / source / higher consciousness that does not have any of these human fears can help to get us a sense of what it really feels like to be connected to truth. It’s an experienced feeling ,

but when it taps in and clicks you just know things and it doesn’t matter if the whole world was against you, you know the truth in every fiber of your being! And it heals you!

When you ask god and say you are ready to know truth : be prepared to clear out your mind and emotional body to actually be able to receive that truth. God / source and your soul will only give you what you’re ready to know, that will not mentally damage you.

Spirit is soothing and gentle and does not want to overwhelm you with anything, so the best thing you can do to access more of the higher mind and truths about life / yourself is to clear your own fears/ barriers to accepting this. 💛💛🙏🙏

Since my fiancé died and I devoted daily to meditation practice and clearing my fears so I would heal gracefully, I have been able to be shown much more because I am truly coming from a neutral place about things.

Not that we will ever become devoid of feeling but when we can become neutral about hard things, we can be shown more. 🙏💛🌹💎💖💡


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