One of my favourite words and states is CLARITY 🤍

I remember when I was 18 I had this motto, 4 words I wrote everywhere, and they were Clarity, Love, Strength, Music. 🎶 in that order!

This was near the beginning of my spiritual journey, and those words felt like an anchor. So potent, powerful and meaningful for me. 🤍 I would write them in my journal over and over and just feel an activation by writing them. Words are frequencies.

I really feel that.

Anyways with clarity, I feel like this state is just one of the most paramount for me. Especially during this grief journey, my love in spirit and my own soul have guided me to clarity around so many things. Things that would keep people banging their heads against the wall, going in circles , questioning etc. for years probably in most cases, as far as suicide / partner loss, these are the kind of things that some seem to never come to clarity around, as they are just extremely heavy things…

And even as it is extremely heavy what I have gone through, I have been guided to clarity through it all.

I no longer feel triggered at all by his death. I clearly have been shown exactly why this happened, mostly unhealed childhood trauma as the cause, I’ve been shown the specifics and I won’t go into detail. But, I have been shown many things since he died, things I never knew or would’ve known, but from spirit, and my connection it has opened this valve to true clarity on what feels like life’s mysteries and so much darkness.

Clarity to me feels like the light of truth. It is an instant click.

A knowing.

It activates throughout the cells in your body.

It activates in your heart as sometimes an instant feeling of love or reverence.

It is a very spiritual experience.

And you could have every single person in the whole world against you, coming at you; telling you how wrong you are and it doesn’t matter because nothing can take this feeling of clarity away.

This feeling of pure knowing.

it doesn’t come from a book.

But direct spiritual knowing.

A direct connection to spirit / source/ your own soul.

It is such a pure. Click ⚡️ and you just KNOW

And then from that place, you are able to come to peace around things that are so tragic and terrible even.

it doesn’t make the things not terrible anymore , but when you know the truth the truth sets you free.🕊

It can still be painful. But you are freed from the shackles of confusion and fear because you just deeply know the truth.

There are spiritual truths you can know , that will heal your soul. 🤍

Once these divine knowings activate, from the clarity of the light of truth, you deeply heal, you reawaken to your divine soul essence, and you feel peace and connectedness to life.

My love in spirit has shown me the truth around so many things; about himself; his life, about me;

Truths that have brought me deep healing and peace.

God/ your guides/ soul/ spirit will always show you the truth when you are ready to see it.

It may not always feel good from the egos perspective, which is why it is much easier to access clarity from a neutral place. When you are not seeing things from a superior or inferior perspective you can actually see the TRUTH.

It’s not always pretty. Sometimes it stings.

Sometimes it’s evil, dark, disgusting even.

But clarity and knowing the truth, heals you.

And brings a profound peace.

This can not be taken away from you. It is a part of you. It is a part of your spiritual connection.

It is your god given right to come to clarity around your life’s challenges.


I hope this activated something in you!!!

In my brand new live course Communicate with spirit🕊 which is a joint mission between me and my late partner, we will go in deeper to activating claircognizance (clear knowing from spirit)

And so much more, this is just one small part of it.

Message me if you feel the call to this work! We start in 12 days!!

Sending waves of golden healing light / love 💛🕊🤍




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