Accessing internal knowing of divine benevolence💎🌹 that there are loving forces at work to aid you in your spiritual evolution, and you are sooooooo loved by a loving source💎

This can be something you irrevocably know without a doubt in every cell of your being ☀️ even when shit hits the fan in your life; you are grounded in a steady solid unwavering faith that life gets to be benevolent towards you 🙌 and you claim your divine right to exist in a loving universe

This is a part of opening up or communication with god internally, and your own soul

You must know how loved you are

And even though there are forces that would like you to think otherwise

You feel the resonance of truth

In your internal beingness

That you are so loved

And anything else is a lie


Trust me my loves I have been put through the wringer this past year

Every last fear and emotional pain wrung out like a sopping wet towel in my emotional body

Through it all, I trusted , I trust every day

That I am surrounded by love 💗

I am using all for good

I am triumphant

My spiritual connection and faith in a loving god has never waivered

I Am LOVE 💗 loved, lovable 🌹

& You are too 💎🥰🥰🙌☀️🌹

We will be working on accessing / activating this stage of divine benevolence in the communicate with spirit course coming soon 💎 message me to chat 💬 my loves

I am so excited for this, it is a joint mission between my love in spirit and I, making this all just so normalized, you get to exist in connection with spirit as natural as breathing ☀️ and this connection gets to BLESS your life!!!🌻

So much love to you all




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