Communicate with Spirit Course with Britney Taylor

Are you ready to activate your divine right to communicate with Spirit in all forms? Strengthen your energetic field to withstand the most aggressive of spiritual attacks? Clear your emotional body field to become the clearest vessel for your own soul and spirit communication?
Your own Soul guidance, divine knowing, activated to the max. Loved ones you so desire to have messages from, talking to you as natural as breathing.
As well as Nature, plant spirits, animal spirit guides, elemental energies, and how to transit lost souls, clear negative energies, setting the safe container to do all of this. All of this and more we will be doing in Communicate with Spirit!

🕊”God can make miracles out of sh*t” 🕊 

I never thought this would be my life, but here we are, and God and my love in spirit 💎 have allowed me to HEAL through my spiritual connection.

I truly feel that my spiritual connection has saved me through this traumatic experience, not even just the death but everything I have gone through since he died, I do not know how i would’ve made it through this without my loves soul connection with me, without him constantly whispering in my ear truths I never knew when he was alive, reassuring me of his love for Dougy and I, and even him actually energetically healing me.  these kinda things are designed to destroy people, and my soul has prevailed, through this connection🕊

So many times on my knees, praying, begging him and God to heal me, and then poof 💥 receiving the miracle of my love in spirits love for me; and gods love for me🕊

I am SO grateful I have dedicated my life to spiritual healing for so long, this has been my saving grace. My backbone to allow in these miracles 💫 

-The miracle of messages of truth and wisdom, from my love in spirit and my guides, showing me truths on so much

-the miracle of his healings on me. Energetically I have a healer on the other side now. 

-the miracle of feeling so connected with him, throughout it all. Soul love is eternal 

-the miracle of developing this deep CONNECTION with trees, nature spirits, animals spirits, by allowing my spiritual sentience to be activated, it opened doors to all kinds of spirit communication! There is SO MUCH BENEVOLENCE out there! 

-Synchronicities times 100. 

And so many more miracles that have come through this now non-physical soul love connection

I have no idea how people go through the grief journey without telepathically communicating with their love in spirit 24 7, like how is that even a thing?😂

I am birthing a new way of grief healing! Honouring the physical effects of grief and all the emotions that come up, allowing them all to be felt, and then allowing spirit to actually HEAL you!

Staying connected to your loves soul during it all. 

Allowing the higher consciousness to work through you to allow realizations that could not have come to you without their help.☺️

Omg… I cry tears of joy that I have been blessed with the gifts of soul connection. 💛🙏

And while it can be so great to work with mediums and healers, and I definitely recommend doing that when you feel called, a new layer of my mission is being birthed, and I am so ready to help those that are ready to do this all on your own! It is your god given right to stay connected to your loved ones soul, and your own for that matter. 

This should be as natural as breathing! It should be taught in schools, as we will all have to go through the inevitable soul crushing pain of grief and loss. 

So, I am teaching it!

This ability can literally save someone’s life. 

How many people feel the pain of grief so heavy they barely want to go on? I have had many moments like this too… and then my love in spirit comes through with his magic, and boom 💥 him sending beautiful waves 🌊 of his soul love 💗 

He is a very powerful and loud soul in the way he comes through for me, but each soul is unique in the ways they come through to communicate and heal you!

I truly believe we shouldn’t have to suffer when grieving! 

We can experience the waves of emotions 🌊 in peace as we allow healing from God and spirit to open us up to higher spiritual realizations. We can use loss for good! 

And I am determined to make the best of this experience myself, and use it for good 🕊

As my starseed soul loves to do🔥💫💥 and has always done! 🙏

and I realize these gifts can help not just those who are grieving, but those of you who desire a deeper experience of connection with all of life, your soul and spirit guides, your inner truth, your feeling of total reverence and synchronicity, the feeling of living a truly magical life, this is for you! 

Communicate with Spirit is HERE!

You Will Learn:

-Safe energy practices ☀️

-clearing the emotional body field/ clearing fear to strengthen accuracy in perceptions

-spiritual hygiene, aura strengthening

-how to Receive healing from spirit 💎

-Sending healing back to your loved ones💗 

-Receiving messages / downloads🌟

-Clearing out blockages to full communication 24 7- no medium required,

-Connecting to your own Soul and higher self messages and guidance for your life as well as loved ones / guides in spirit. 

-discernment of spirit messages- how to tell that you really are communicating and with the right soul 

-helping transit lost / confused souls

-energy clearing basics 🛡 

An Overview :

Module 1: Energetic Hygiene and Safety💛

-education on  spiritual warfare

-energy shielding

-how soul service and devotion to your mission will keep you safe.

-clearing emotional blockages that allow negative energies to hook into you. 

Module 2: Receiving healing from spirit / sentience activation💛

-ask for healing and it is given

-letting go of what it “should” look like/ feel like etc 

-noticing the impulses/images/sensations from spirit 

-activating clairsentience 

-feeling how LOVED you are by god/source/spirit and your guides 

-accessing benevolent spiritual forces including nature spirits, trees, plants, animal spirit guides. 

Module 3: Emotional Clearing & Knowing from spirit💛

-Clearing/healing the emotional body to strengthen accurate perceptions and inner peace.

-ancestral bloodline clearing basics/ freeing yourself from what was never “yours” to begin with. 

-clear knowing

-telepathic communication with spirit

-receiving messages/communication/downloads

-allowing spirit to show you relevant information for your healing

Module 4: You Healing and Helping spirit💛

-how to help heal them- it’s a two way street. They heal us and we heal them🙏

-helping transit lost and confused souls who died traumatically or under the influence of drugs / extreme negative emotions

-listening to messages from nature spirits, hearing what they would like you to do to help them.

Module 5: Clearing Blocks to spirit communication💛

-a live healing/clearing from Brit 

-clearing fears/dark energies/blocks/religious or societal programming blocking you from your natural spiritual abilities

-activating new templates / third eye / crown / higher heart chakras activation 

Module 6: Making it all a part of you💛

-normalizing daily telepathic communication with spirit

-building your life based on what your Soul is telling you

-trusting your Soul above all else

-leaving the matrix 

-activating reverence 

-living in total connection with life, non-physical and physical, nature, Source, your personal guides and teams, and using it all to ENHANCE your physical life, not take away from. 

Other Trainings Contained in this course : 

Sample daily aura shielding meditation 

Setting the home space safe space energy field container

Journalling on your mother /father bloodlines for healing /clearing 

Making it all a part of you: Activating Reverence

Living in Virtue / harmlessness & building the spiritual house for goodness in your life 


Synching with the Divine Plan (from Commit to Soul Course)

the goal is : You sovereign & Empowered to heal yourself and reclaim soul parts after anything! You strong AF in your own energy field to never forget who TF you are and what you came to do!
& You tapping into your god given right to stay connected with your SOUL and loved ones/ guides in spirit!

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Pay in Full : $595 CAD

Self study Course. you receive all content for life. Private telegram group access.
Message / email Brit if you have any questions,
Sending waves of golden healing light & love to you all!


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