Inner Light Activation

A Self Love Course with Britney Taylor

 Rewire Your Brain to total Self Love and Acceptance of your GODDESS nature. 

Awakening Inner Beauty (which leads to outer beauty.)

Love yourself as your soul loves you.

Learn to connect to your Souls love for yourself and others.

Heal your heart. Heal your self hatred and shame.

Come back to your inner light 💡 that you have forgotten. It’s always been there. Now we’re getting back to it.

What You Receive : Inner Light Activation PreWork

Inner Light Activation Meditation

Seven Sacred Flames Training

You Are Perfection Live Training

Inner Light Meditation x2

Quick Quantum Self Love on Command Training

Self Love Practices Live Training

Commitment to Self Love Training

Aligning With Next Level Self Live Training

Instant Self Forgiveness Live Training

Healing Subconscious Mind Hypnosis 

Investment: one payment of $333 U

You do not want to miss the light activation of a lifetime.

You are light.

Learn to let go of darkness in the form of self hatred and shame.

And learn to be one with your souls light 💡