Serenity Now: The Inner Peace Plan

21 Days to Happiness Right Now

Serenity Now: The Inner Peace Plan


21 Days to Happiness Right Now

Are you ready to create inner peace within?? 

Do you understand that peace within = creating your peaceful life via law of attraction?

Do you want to deepen your connection to your Soul/Higher self / God???

Do you want to trust in your ability to create peace at ALL times???

Do you want to tap into the infinite peace of your higher self??? And be a calm, gracious goddess in all of your life’s challenges? ✨

Then, You are gonna want in on this!!!!

What You Receive :

Pricing : One Payment of $97 Only

Who is Britney Taylor?

Britney Taylor:
Certified Hypnotherapist,
Founder of The Joy of Living Co.
Theta Healer and Reiki Master Teacher.
Creator of the Britney Taylor Method of Healing. Passionate AF about empowering you to be your best self.
You came for the Joy of Living

Reminder : 

If you don’t create peace within, you will never have it in your life. Inner peace is internally created, and you are the only one in charge of it.

Let me help you learn peace, live peace, breathe peace every day in every way.