The Joy of Living VIP Bundle :

Activate Your Joy of Living in 2020

with Britney Taylor 

Are you ready to Reactivate the Joy of Living in 2020✨💛

  • learn the art of allowing Joy?
  • learn how to heal and process / understand your emotions with ease🙏
  • learn how to connect with your soul and the soul of others for inner peace and healing loneliness
  • heal and make peace with your past lives
  • manifest your dream life
  • manifest your soul mate
  • activate self love and confidence
  • align to your next level self
  • connecting to spiritual states of abundance, healing and love.
  • activating magic in your life. ✨

Then, the Joy of Living VIP bundle is for you!!!

Previously only available to my Joy of Living VIPS, this content is never before seen!!

You want unapologetic joy. To feel beautiful and see the beauty in all of life.

You want to fully unleash your creative self, being all that you are without holding back out of fear.

You want emotional freedom and the ability to come into a centered emotional state no matter what?

Do you feel like your putting off Joy ?

Waiting to be ready or “healed” enough to actually live your life and have fun??

Lacking trust in life and men / women / god itself?

Wanting to feel more unconditional love, and also be detached as well.

Your life looks great on the outside but deep down you struggle with feeling inferior and like you’ll never be enough?

I have created the Joy of Living VIP bundle for you.

You Receive :

9 Previously only available to my VIPs video trainings, to help you reactivate the joy of living in 2020! These healing transmissions are deep and powerful and will shift you vibrationally into a lighter state.

6 Hypnosis Audios:
to rewire your subconscious mind around : being respected and valued, Abundance, Self love and confidence, past life healing, activating your joy of living, and Being Hot AF.

This is a once in a lifetime opportunity to become who you really are – and experience your own personal Joy of Living!

Who is Britney Taylor?

Britney Taylor : Certified Hypnotherapist, Founder of The Joy of Living Co. Coach. Theta Healer and Reiki Master Teacher. Passionate AF about empowering you to be your best self. You came for the Joy of Living.