It is your Birthright to feel Light, Joyful and Free

It is your Birthright to feel Light, Joyful and Free

Britney Taylor in a pool
Each moment is a new life. You have choice. You have power. 
Your Soul can guide you into unlimited lightness, joy and freedom.
And I can help you tap into this power, that’s why I’ve created :
And free 
You will learn to allow the lighter emotions to flow naturally,
How to let go of old, stuck, repeating emotional patterns from the subconscious mind,
How to forgive yourself and others (for instant lightness and a feeling of freedom)
How to tap into the energy of your own soul to allow more light in your life and live your Highest good for this lifetime,
Learning how to develop a rock solid foundation of self respect. (So you will be respected by others.)
And so much more.
Sometimes you have to rise higher than the limited patterns you are used to thinking in.
If you want to be extraordinary. You’ll have to think in a higher way.
You’ll have rise to above the pain, hurt and stagnancy most people find themselves in. 
You’ll have to find new ways of looking at things. To be a true Creator of your life. A true Leader in your field.
You have to rise higher than those you’re around.
And you’ll have to commit to being a person who thinks in this higher way. Every day. In every way possible.
In my family, there’s a history of clinical depression. It’s considered “normal” and “needed” to be on antidepressants for your entire life. (But I sure as fuck didn’t believe it.)
(No shame in being on pills. But I think we often miss the actual reasoning behind it, a lack of joy, a lack of soul expression, and too easily give into a diagnosis. A victim mentality.) 
I found my own way out of it. I knew joy was the truth, even though I had no example of it. 
I knew that I could think my way into a depression (and I did, as a teenager, I was on pills for awhile…) but I also knew I could think my way out of it. And I did.
But it took work. It took dedication to my studies, and what i knew to be true, at a Soul level.
It took going against everything that everyone I knew told me about happiness, and about life.
But now, I can honestly say I’m one of the most joyful people I know. Actually, I probably am THE MOST joyful person I know.
Because I made myself this way. 
I dedicated my life to this. 
I chose to rise above and live in a higher frequency than those around me.
And you can too. 
And that’s why I created this program,

Light, Joyful and Free.

This is For You If:

What We Will Cover in the Course:

6 Weeks to Emotional Freedom, Unapologetic Joy and Lightness in your heart & Life.

Week 1

Is all about LIGHTNESS in relating with others. Healing your heartbreak around past relationships. I will teach you my process of forgiveness, which will allow you to manifest the relationships you’re desiring. This is how I MANifest all the men I desire. Get your ex back. (If you desire it.) it’s all about allowing yourself to forgive, and want what you want. And know you are worthy of it. Also with a healthy dose of “this or something (or someone) better.)” to release attachment.

Week 2

We will go deep into releasing shame around who you are, so you can AUTHENTICALLY express yourself. Joyous self expression. We will regress back to your childhood self, (in a guided hypnosis) and access the Soul part of you that is desiring to be fully EXPRESSED in your life today. And in expressing this aspect of yourself, you will effortlessly attract your highest good.

Week 3

Emotional Freedom Bootcamp. We will find your dominant negative emotions, and I will teach you my Britney Taylor Method of Healing use to process and release them. We will learn the positive lessons behind your reoccurring negative patterns, to integrate and heal them. You will grow to LOVE YOUR TRIGGERS after this lesson, because you will know EXACTLY what to do with them and how to process them at LIGHT SPEED compared to what you’re used to!

Week 4

Soul Connection 101. You will discover how to connect with your own Soul in a meditation technique that you will take with you the rest of your life. You will learn to embody your Soul/Higher self and draw upon this any time you need guidance/support/love. It will become impossible for you to feel “alone” or “unloved” once you have accessed the power of your own Soul.

Week 5

Integration Week and Week of your 1:1 Healing Session with me. We will go over anything that you are needing help with/ special attention on.

Week 6

Q&A . Live healing transmission. Joy of Living Hypnosis.

Are you in??? I see you, Light, Joyful and Free, being who you came here to be.

Module 1

Forgiveness of self and others. Bringing in LIGHTNESS.

Module 2

JOYOUS SELF EXPRESSION. Allowing the real God/Goddess You to be expressed and letting go of the subconscious fears/blocks preventing this.

Module 3

Achieving Power and Control Over Your Emotional State. True FREEDOM baby.

Module 4

Soul Connection : Learning how to connect to your own soul/higher self for all the love/clarity/peace and joy you will ever need.

Module 5

Integration Week

Module 6

Live Q&A. Healing Transmission. Joy of Living Hypnosis.

What You Receive :

​5 Live Training Modules/ Healing transmissions with Britney

Who is Britney Taylor?

Britney Taylor is a Certified Hypnotherapist, Healer of many modalities, writer, messenger and Coach. She has been passionately obsessed with energy healing and self-help since the age of 16. Britney helps her clients work through issues of low self worth, heartbreak, jealousy and gaining emotional freedom through techniques that work on the subconscious mind. She has invented her own healing method, The Britney Taylor method of healing, which combines all that she has learnt and is effective and powerful at healing emotional blocks. 


Britney speaks her truth with such conviction she elevates you just by being in her presence. I was drawn to work with Britney and had no idea just how powerful her Instant Healing Method would be. The level of transformation I have undergone within the last few weeks has far surpassed what I could begin to comprehend. I have been on a path of transformation for many years, and Britneys method not only allows you to miraculously let go of fears and pains in an instant, but provides you with the skills to take healing into your own hands. This has been an absolute life changin experience for me, and I would absolutely recommend Britney as a guide for life in these times. She is calm, confident, intuitive, caring and most of all fun, do yourself a favour and connect with this fabulous soul.”
Kylie Jacques

Taylor, one of Britney's clients

My healing session with Britney was AMAZING.

Literally within minutes I was crying and we had uncovered something that had been holding me back in SO many ways that I had no clue was going on. Britney makes you feel soooo understood and safe. I’m typically very hesitant to open up to someone new but she created such a safe container to show up as I was and get straight to the root of what was holding me back. In the weeks after our sessions I started taking action that I felt like I didn’t know why I couldn’t get myself to take before and I’ve been getting massive clarity on my next steps now that I’ve released the big things keeping me small and stuck at my current level in business.

100000000000 % recommend doing one of her programs! You will not be disappointed. 
Taylor Manning

Shaz, one of Britney's clients

The first time I saw Brit on IG live I just got this vibe that I needed to work with her. I was just starting out my business and was feeling extremely doubtful of myself and my abilities. I was afraid to put myself out there because I didn’t believe in my value. When I saw Britney’s Joy of Living Package, I got a STRONG intuitive nudge that I needed it. So even though it was out of my price range, I signed up. And let me tell you, it was worth every penny.

Brit made me feel so safe, loved, and empowered when I was in my vulnerable state. Her theta healing sessions literally cleared trauma and beliefs that I had been carrying around since childhood! After each session I felt amazing! Light, free, and empowered. I felt so motivated to take action on building my business where as before I was hiding and unsure that I even had anything to offer!

If you are hesitating to join Brit’s Joy of Living Package – SIGN UP! She is seriously one of the most amazingly talented coaches, astrologists and healers out there. But the main thing that drew me to Brit was her authenticity and ability to unapologetically be herself. There’s nothing about her that is not genuine. If she sees bullshit, she calls it out. She is not afraid to be herself. And in a world of fake, people-pleasing, mask wearers, Brit is exactly the kind of person you need to be surrounding yourself with. If you feel any sort of intuition guiding you toward working with Brit, please DO IT! You won’t regret it. 
Shaz Sul
Gianna, one of Britney's clients

Britney is such a genuine powerful soul.

I had known Britney online for a little while and when I heard about her Theta Healings something in me lit up. Even though I didn’t really know what a Theta Healing was I eventually purchased one after coming across an obvious block in my life relating to family and an income glass ceiling I was wanting to bust through. I know the issues were deeply connected.
In the Theta healing Britney helped epic space for me and helped me drill right down to the limiting beliefs that were problematic.
I cried a bunch during the session and it felt so healing. Afterwards I just felt different, like something in my foundation was better. After that there was a bit of kick back and my mom and I got into a huge fight which caused us to resolve not only that right but YEARS worth or problems. We have never been closer and I feel healed. Also after shifting the limiting belief relating to how I wasn’t safe to make a lot more money because of family related issues the next month I had my biggest month in biz of 25k cash. 
Clearly Britney is amazing at what she does and I HIGHLY recommend purchasing a Theta healing or any of her other offers. She’s a gem. 
-Gianna Rackham 
Ahna, one of Britney's clients

Britney’s healing sessions are incredible! Her empathy, compassion, asking the right questions and getting down to the core of what I was transforming allowed me to open up to my connection to Source, love, joy, everything on a whole new level. I am so glad I booked these sessions and had her facilitate- she is the kind of person you feel totally safe with and holds you in integrity and respect! I broke open majorly in the best way. With her support I am feeling free in my own work and so much more supported and loved in my life in general with breakthroughs like connection to Source, clients out of the blue and an increased knowing of who I AM<3 Thank you Britney!” 
Ahna Marie

Are you Ready to allow Lightness, Joy and Freedom into your life?