Angelic DNA Workshop

You hold the angelic coding to activate the New Earth timeline.

Imagine if you could just let go of all the brainwashing saying you aren’t powerful, smart, holy, magical, and amazing? 

Every day you are being guided how to think in new ways and embody new energetic signatures so you can live your HIGHEST TIMELINE. Your true Soul mission. 

God. Your Soul. Your guides. They are always showing you the way to BE the angelic self you came here to be! 

What if miracles were the norm?

What if your healing abilities were SO POWERFUL? as you know deep down they are! 

This is all possible right now in this lifetime for the earth angelic souls who chose to come here at this time. 

What if today you could just BE right now your true ACTIVATED ANGELIC DNA SOUL SELF. Creating miracles. Living your sacred healing soul mission ALL THE WAY. Serving the souls you intended to serve in this lifetime. Your miraculous SOUL GIFTS turned ALL THE WAY ON! 

ASK God and your Soul now : 

Download this reality into every CELL of my being. I’M READY! Guide me to my path in creation of the new earth! 

AND IF YOU ARE READY TO GO DEEPER AND ACTIVATE YOUR ANGELIC DNA NOW : You are going to want to be a part of this amazing, transformative online workshop! 


What You Receive

live workshop with Britney to learn about DNA activation and clearing your karmic energy.

-Prework meditation to awaken your true multidimensional self
-1.5 hour live Training/
-30 min Healing activation / intensive group energy clearing

A private Facebook group for coaching support.

Lifetime access to the training to come back to at any time you feel called.

Who is this For?

What We Will Cover

Part 1 : Learning about your true angelic origins. Who you really are at the Soul level. Who you were before you took on who you thought you “should” be. The true angelic self. Starseed connections. Communication to your Guides. Learning about the 12 strand angelic DNA. Why humanity has downgraded and damaged DNA. How the earth angels including yourself are here to heal this. 


Part 2 : Big energy clearing. Clearing karmic miasma (dark energy held in the field.) Healing the familial bloodlines, deep healing of the mother bloodline and father bloodline. Learning the lessons behind why you chose these familial bloodlines to be born into. Freeing yourself from patterns you’ve taken on. 



Who is Britney Taylor?

Britney Taylor is an Oracle and multidimensional field worker. Certified Hypnotherapist, Healer of many modalities, writer, messenger and Coach. She has been passionately obsessed with energy healing and self-help since the age of 16. Britney helps her clients clear energy blockages and step into their Joy of Living highest timeline reality. Which contains their dream soulmate manifestation. Career fulfilment. and all around JOY, LIGHTNESS and healing.

What my Clients are Saying :

Your gifts and what you’re really here to do are multidimensional.

If you feel the soul pull, I would love to be your guide on this journey back home to your true self. 

Are you ready now to activate your angelic DNA?
You will receive lifetime access to this workshop upon signing up.

VIP : NO VIP Upgrade available at this time. Message Brit about 1:1 coaching options.

You came for the Joy of Living