Instant Healing

Be Your Higher Self Now

A 30 Day Online Course to Finally Heal and Be the Person You’re meant to be NOW, Grounded In Purpose & Soul and Uplifting the World With Your Light

What if you didn’t need to endlessly heal yourself, take courses, read a thousand books on healing, have hundreds of healing sessions, to be good enough and ready??

and you could just be your Higher self now! And step into your Purpose work – NOW!

You can. And actually you are meant to do this now.

You will always be “healing” something, and that’s good, you’re a healer so this work comes naturally.

With my healing method I teach you in Instant Healing, You can heal yourself and rewire your mindset via your Higher self in an instant.

And you will also learn how to just flick the switch and be your higher self NOW! Because you have very important work to do in this world as a lightworker, healer and teacher, so it’s time to turn it on baby 💡 😉

You came for the Joy of Living, (not to endlessly heal yourself 😉 )

And by you, being your higher self now, saving years of being in the “healing” process, you can help the people you’re meant to help now!

It was never just about you being “healed”.

It’s about you being the Soul version of you who’s living from Higherself and helping uplift the planet via your unique soul signature. (Which you aren’t tapped into when you’re in the endless “healing” phase.

What You Receive

All of this for one payment of $397

Client Testimonials

Speaks Her Truth

“Britney speaks her truth with such conviction she elevates you just by being in her presence. I was drawn to work with Britney and had no idea just how powerful her Instant Healing Method would be. The level of transformation I have undergone within the last few weeks has far surpassed what I could begin to comprehend.

I have been on a path of transformation for many years, and Britney’s method not only allows you to miraculously let go of fears and pains in an instant, but provides you with the skills to take healing into your own hands. This has been an absolute life changing experience for me, and I would absolutely recommend Britney as a guide for life in these times. She is calm, confident, intuitive, caring and most of all fun, do yourself a favour and connect with this fabulous soul.” – Kylie Jacques

This Course Contains

1. Instant Healing The Britney Taylor Method (Video training) 
2. The Healing Power of Forgiveness (written training)
3. HYPNOSIS for SELF LOVE (hypnosis audio) 
4. Dismissing Superiority and Inferiority (audio training)  
5. Healing Shame Around Being Your Authentic Self (written training) 
6. Instant Self Worth Healing (Video training) 
7. The Britney Taylor Method of Healing Ebook (ebook) 
7. Day 7 Bonus Healing Relationships HYPNOSIS (Hypnosis Audio) 
8. Violet Flame Healing (Written training) 
9. WORTHINESS : What You Want Wants You (audio training) 
10. Heal Your Relationships (Video training) 
11. What do you think the thing you want will make you feel? (written training) 
12. Instant Self Value (audio training) 
13. Peace in this moment (written training)
14. Being LOVED/WORTHY/ LIVE YOUR DREAM BEING YOU (written training)
15. Self Confidence HYPNOSIS (hypnosis audio) 
16. Past Life Healing (written training) 
17. Instant Self Forgiveness (audio training) 
18. Healing the FAMILY LINE (video training) 
19. BEING RESPECTED and VALUED Hypnosis (hypnosis audio) 
20. Being in Higher Frequency (written)
21. Bringing in SOUL LOVE to HARMONIZE a Conflict Situation (Written training) 
22. BEING HOT AF HYPNOSIS (hypnosis audio) 
23. JOY OF LIVING HYPNOSIS (hypnosis audio)
24. Healing Jealousy Principles (written training)  
25. You are Whole. Feeling into Wholeness (Video training) 
26. Ease and Grace (written training) 
27. Soul Lesson Faster Integration (audio training) 
28. Abundance Hypnosis (hypnosis audio) 
29. Female Grounding (Video training) 
30. Soul Purpose Activation (audio training)

Come into your power to heal yourself.


Learn soul connection and learn my 5 Step Britney Taylor method of healing process to speed up healing and start living your life now! In Serenity.


Your Higher Self or Soul is completely healed. You will Tap into this version of yourself to transcend your life's difficulties.


Your Soul knows how to access higher frequency emotional states to rewire your brain, and create your dream life.


As soon as you understand the meaning behind your suffering, you can end the suffering now and live in your Joy.

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One payment of $397

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