Commit to Soul Bootcamp: Connect, commit and honour who you really are

A 2 Week Intensive brand new Online course and Course bundle

In times like these: you realize you only ever have you, your Soul and God.

Your commitment to your Soul and the purpose you chose is everything.

But you find yourself getting pulled in all these different directions,

Unsure if you even are good enough for the soul mission you know you came for…

Maybe you’re not even wanting to be the helper and the healer that you came to be, because of anger towards humanity right now….

You’re not taking action nearly as much as you would be if you were fully tapped into your truth, because it just seems intangible right now.

And you’re done with that, you want to come back home; to yourself; and commit to your Soul work.

Commit to Soul Bootcamp:

What we will cover :

🙌Making the commitment to Soul, physically, emotionally and energetically. Committing to who you really are at the soul level, soul expression and creativity, soul and purpose work, the highest divine soulmate relationships, and so much more.

🙌Honouring the commitment to Soul when all of life gets thrown at you. How to stay the course. How to choose yourself and your highest path over and over again. Even if you feel like a person who easily loses focus, easily gives up and goes off track, you will learn to honour soul and stay committed despite this!

🙌Releasing all from your energetic field that is not your highest path. Letting go of all old self images not from Soul. Letting go of the past.

🙌Tap into feeling Supported through Soul : connect to God, your support team, energetically, to ground in this feeling of safety and security in living your Soul path.

🙌Grounding into service and purpose from Soul. Who you really are and what you really came to do here.

🙌 Transcending self worth stories by accessing the deeper truth of YOU, your soul gifts and the life you were born to live.

And so much more that will inevitably come up with this work.

This is for you If :

  • This is for you if you’re struggling right now with committing to and honouring your Soul path.
  • You have an idea of what your life’s meant to be about but you need that masculine committed energy combined with inner strength to carry it out. You sense this strength can only come from Soul.
  • You have amazing and brilliant ideas that rarely come to fruition because you give up easily and accept that the dream life just really isn’t meant for you.
  • You are so done with yourself and the limitations you feel , and done with letting the Soul aligned life pass you by..
  • You’re ready to let go of all the thoughts of being not good enough for your Soul work and purpose, and it being wrong timing, and go all in on yourself.
  • You are ready to Commit to yourself like your dream partner would commit to you.
  • You are so ready to say YES to the life you were born to LIVE. And finally live now.
  • You are ready to access the genius within and let this side of you run your life!

Are you ready to Commit to Soul?

What You Receive :

  • A brand new live course with Britney beginning Feb 20th.
  • All new live trainings and Q&A to access your deepest soul truth and commit to Soul.
  • Meditations and journalling prompts to take you into your next level.
  • Mastermind coaching Support in the fb group throughout the course.

These Bonuses Are Epic!

  • Bonus #1 Access to Soul Purpose course – value $297
  • Bonus #2 Access to SerenityNow the Inner Peace Plan, online course to master inner peace. Value $97

Are You A VIP? Upgrade to 1:1 Support Option and Receive :

  • a 1:1 coaching session with me.
  • And 2 weeks Voxer coaching support.




You came for the Joy of Living,


What My Clients Are Saying :

Jennifer, one of Britney Taylor's clients

“There’s so much to say about how much I got out of working with Britney Taylor the last 3 months. How can I possibly articulate that in a short and concise way. I’ve worked with coaches for 7 years but working with Britney was SO different. I’ve never felt more loved and supported by a coach. I feel like I’m walking away with a better understanding and relationship with my soul than I’ve ever experienced. This is divine integration. I feel so much less attached to outcomes than I’ve ever known and I’m up-leveling and attracting situations I’ve always deserved. I highly recommend working with her. This was also my first experience in having both 1:1 and voxer support and it was a total game changer to have both. I know I will continue to work with her in various capacities in the future.

  • Jennifer Lancaster
Kat, one of Britney's clients

Britney’s course was more than I could have anticipated. Some emotions that have taken me 16 years to fully feel and heal took just over 10 days! Without doing much. Simply allowing Brits trainings to infiltrate me. I feel lighter. Happier in my career and fully supported by my colleagues. I’ve attracted new friends who’ve shown me so much love! My business is also attracting new and former clients who I thought stopped paying attention to me! If you feel the spark to work with Britney – trust it ❤️”.

  • Kat Feeney

Amy, one of Britney's clients

“Brit knows her shit when it comes to understanding how creation really works in this world, and her ability to teach, coach and guide you back to the remembrance of how powerful you are in the creation of your relationships is powerful as fuck!

Even if you feel like you already have a good grasp on it, she’ll take you next level. 🔥

And results? Will blow your pretty little mind. 😎”

  • Amy Kiddie

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