The Soulmate Frequency

For Spiritual Babes Ready to Master Your Energy, Heal Your Heart and Call in Your Soulmate and Soulmate Life

And once you have it, you know it’s truth, and even when you go in and out of this state, you fully trust that your Soulmate is coming, because it feels like they are already here with you. (And at the soul level, perhaps they always have been.)

Are you Ready to be in

The Soulmate Frequency?

Do you know that it’s time for you to meet and be with your compatible soul mate, like now!!?

Have you known this for awhile?? And maybe you’re even getting a little impatient about it because it’s meant to be yours now damn it!!

 You’re so good at manifesting certain things… you’ve done a ton of work on yourself. You are always self-improving. But your Soulmate seems to be far away, or feels like it’s maybe never gonna happen, even though deep down you know that’s total BS!!!

 Are you a natural lover of life??? And humans?? And you live for love??? Maybe going back and forth from total codependency to complete self-focus, without a healthy in between!!!

 Are you ready to feel in peace about manifesting your Soul mate and soul mate life???

 And drop the anxiety and full-on despair that takes over you when you realize how BAD you want your soul mate but don’t yet have them!!!???

 Do you feel like times running out and you want to speed this up but then feel bad that you’re so impatient about it???

 Let’s freaking activate the Soulmate Frequency within you, babe!!! It’s time!!!

 I want you to take a few deep breaths now. Place your hands on your heart 💜 and ask yourself, am I ready to make real inner changes and manifest my Soulmate?

 Am I ready to be my highest self, and be UNCONDITIONAL LOVE so I can manifest it back to me???

 Ask your Soul, and TRUST the answer you get.

 I see you living in your dream relationship.

 It’s so easy, it’s so natural, but at the same time so MAGICAL, just exactly how you dreamt it would be as a child.

 There is no fear, no questioning where or when just pure being in the state of it!!!

 Total certainty. Total calmness. Total peace.

 Total joy. Total exhilaration. Total turn on!!! And total bliss baby!!!

 You would not have this dream for yourself if it wasn’t meant for you!!!

 It’s time to say yes to the real you now. 

Yes to love, yes to the life and relationship you know is yours by divine right now.

 That connection with someone who totally gets you, someone who finishes your sentences, loves the fuck out of you no matter what, that is YOURS at the vibrational level babe.

 That hot sex you dream of. It’s yours too.

 That beautiful Soulmate person who you HIGHLY respect and value and who HIGHLY respects and values you, it’s yours!!

 Time for laughter together, travel together, start a family together; have your dream life together, the “Instagram goals” life together, that is meant for you and you know it!!

 It will be yours, and very soon after you do this course, (or even during.) that is how powerful the work we will be doing is.

 Learning how to access your Souls state of deep trust is gonna get you exactly what you desire.

 I can’t wait to serve you beautiful. And show you the way to the Soulmate Frequency.

Brittney Taylor of Soulmate Frequency

Who am I?

I’m Britney Taylor. Healer. Life coach. Certified hypnotherapist and Reiki Master Teacher. Who has always had a STRONG desire for a Soul mate dream man!! And a soul mate life containing all my dreams!
But, it used to feel so far. And impossible. For someone so ugly, unworthy, clearly unlovable and useless!! (I had self-worth issues majorly.)
Even though deep down I knew it was meant for me, and actually that I was the expert on this shit! And one day I would be teaching on it!!!
After many heartbreaks, lonely, crying nights and rejections, both way rejections from men, me rejecting them, them rejecting me, and a cycle of pain over and over again that seemed to feel exactly like the pain I experienced as a lonely only child with fighting divorced parents. The pain in my heart that seemed to be repeating forever… (it was because that is what inner child pain does until we can reframe it and heal with the light of our souls!!)
I broke out of it. I healed my heart. I came into my power. I came into my Souls truth that I am a master manifestor and healer, and I healed the pain and never looked back.
I have since manifested my dream man, along with my lifelong dream to be a mother and a wife. As well as running my own online business healing and helping others, another dream!
I could not have done it without maintaining a high frequency, the frequency of unconditional love, The Soulmate Frequency!
I want this for you too!!! And I’m gonna teach you the exact processes I used to shift out of despair and heartbreak, repeating over and over, to the joy of living!! And the exhilaration of manifesting my heart’s deepest desires. And most importantly, my Soulmate man and Soulmate life!!! 

What is the Soulmate Frequency?

A 5 week Online Course With Britney Taylor to catapult you into your Soulmate life!

A deeply healing energetic container where you will have access to Britney in the group to ask all you need.

The transformation of a lifetime into your higher self and Soul.

An awakening into deep trust for the divine. And the masculine aspect of God. As well as your own masculine and feminine aspects within. 
Woman sitting with a laptop in a coffee shop

Live Trainings

4 Live trainings and complete recordings helping you to access the Soulmate frequency within to manifest your dream love and life!

Group of people sitting with laptops


3 new Hypnosis from Britney! It’s time to get your subconscious on board to help manifest your soulmate.

Laptop showing a Facebook group

Facebook Group

Coaching support in the group with Brit. Join a community of people that are ready to support you as I am. 

Pink notebook with a plant leaf

Journal Prompts

Weekly journal prompts will be included and accountability to keep journaling. 

Neon sign that says "You are what you listen to"

Audio Training

There will be weekly audio training’s that will be provided to you if you’re an auditory learner.

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Bonus Content

There’s going to be some bonus content that will be provided to you as well. 

Barbara, one of Brittney Taylor's clients

“Working with Britney was amazing. My energy instantly shifted and I started manifesting more joy into my life. Her vibe is so magnetic and I could feel that spill over into my own relationships. I have learned so much about implementing the law of attraction techniques into real-life dating situations which is something I couldn’t quite wrap my head around in certain situations. I definitely recommend working with her and definitely will work with her again in the future. She is such an amazing coach I always felt comfortable in being vulnerable and open with her. She is amazing and has such a wealth of knowledge!”
Barbara Orban

Shaz, one of Britney's clients

The first time I saw Brit on IG live I just got this vibe that I needed to work with her. I was just starting out my business and was feeling extremely doubtful of myself and my abilities. I was afraid to put myself out there because I didn’t believe in my value. When I saw Britney’s Joy of Living Package, I got a STRONG intuitive nudge that I needed it. So even though it was out of my price range, I signed up. And let me tell you, it was worth every penny.

Brit made me feel so safe, loved, and empowered when I was in my vulnerable state. Her theta healing sessions literally cleared trauma and beliefs that I had been carrying around since childhood! After each session I felt amazing! Light, free, and empowered. I felt so motivated to take action on building my business where as before I was hiding and unsure that I even had anything to offer!

If you are hesitating to join Brit’s Joy of Living Package – SIGN UP! She is seriously one of the most amazingly talented coaches, astrologists and healers out there. But the main thing that drew me to Brit was her authenticity and ability to unapologetically be herself. There’s nothing about her that is not genuine. If she sees bullshit, she calls it out. She is not afraid to be herself. And in a world of fake, people-pleasing, mask wearers, Brit is exactly the kind of person you need to be surrounding yourself with. If you feel any sort of intuition guiding you toward working with Brit, please DO IT! You won’t regret it.
-Shaz Sul

What You Receive:

TRAINING 1: Get in the Soulmate Frequency

Getting in the Soulmate Frequency and Staying In. The foundational energetic work of changing your state of BEING to match your Dream life. 

TRAINING 2: Inner Child Healing

We focus on deep heart healing, Brit guides you through a hypnosis to connect to your Inner child self for healing, and teaches you how to do this on your own as well. 

TRAINING 3: Soul Certainty to Manifest Your Desires

A guided meditation to access a deep state of soul certainty for manifesting your hearts desires. Manifesting your dream love and life 101. 

TRAINING 4: Forgiving God and Men

In this final video training, Brit teaches her process of forgiveness and how forgiving men and god is your fast track to manifesting the life of your dreams. She teaches how to tap into the feeling of deep security that comes from the knowing that you are loved and supported deeply by God/Universe/Soul. 

Bonus Video Training: Manifest Your Soulmate

Crash course on Soulmate Manifestation. Brit teaches her exact process she used to rapid soulmate manifestation. Dream love activation. 


Message with testimonial of working with Brittney Taylor
Message with testimonial of working with Brittney Taylor
Message with testimonial of working with Brittney Taylor
Message with testimonial of working with Brittney Taylor
Message with testimonial of working with Brittney Taylor
Message with testimonial of working with Brittney Taylor
Message with testimonial of working with Brittney Taylor

When Do We Start?

This is a self-study course you can start at any time and do at your own pace. You will have lifetime access to all the trainings/hypnosis/all content.

Payment Options Available

Pay In Full

If you would like to pay in full of $777 you can do so by selecting the option below. 

Payment Plan

If you’d like to pay via a payment plan the payments will be 3 monthly payments of $277 per month. 

Message with testimonial of working with Brittney Taylor
Message with testimonial of working with Brittney Taylor
Message with testimonial of working with Brittney Taylor
testimonial for Brittney Taylor