Soul Purpose two week course with Britney Taylor

Soul Purpose

A journey into your souls truth and highest purpose on the planet at this time
with Britney Taylor

✨Soul Purpose.✨

What you actually came here for.

What it was actually meant to be about.

You shining from your deepest core of being. ✨ Being the uplifter that you are.

You are a shining light 💡 Benefiting all who come in contact with you.

All of your life’s challenges, transmuted into lessons.

Transformed into wisdom. Used for the purpose of expansion.


Deep integration of SOUL with your physical self.

You in your highest essence, being your best self, GLOWING, GLIMMERING, BEING in the PRESENT MOMENT BASKING IN JOY.🤩

This is it. This is you being in your SOUL PURPOSE. This is your reason for being.

Let’s tap into this now, shall we? Let me guide you into what you’ve always known you’re meant to be and do. The resurrection of your Divine self.

Soul Purpose is here! A two week journey to tap into who you REALLY are and what you came for.✨

What You Receive

A journey into your highest self and purpose here with me as your guide.

Trainings/ meditations/ journalling to guide you deeper into your purpose on this planet 🌏 (you receive access to these right away.)

A private Facebook group for coaching support / Soul celebrations with Brit and the other students.

Lifetime access to all trainings to come back to for stronger connection at any time you feel called.

Who is this For?

What We Will Cover

Day 1: Accessing the Preincarnation agreement – why you decided to be born at this time.✨

Day 2: the wisdom behind your life’s greatest challenges. How to turn them into gold.

Day 3: Soul Gifts Reawakening. Revealing your gifts 🎁 and how to build your life around what’s natural to you.

Day 4: Accessing relevant past lives, for healing in this moment.

Day 5: Letting go of the past. Releasing all that doesn’t serve you and your highest good.

Day 6: Healing day. Deep healing and releasing subconscious limitations holding you back.

Day 7: Soul light Activation 💡 bringing in your Souls light 💡 for A huge cleansing and Revitalizing in your energy field.

Day 8: Waking the f*ck up to your Purpose.

Day 9: Service to humanity. What you really came here to do.

Day 10: Empathic protection. Learning how to stay in your bubble and Keep your energy and aura strong so you can fulfill your mission.

✨Day 11: Healing day. Revitalization

✨Day 12: STAYING ON PURPOSE when life comes up. How to stay on track during anything.

✨Day 13: calling in Soulmate helpers to guide you on your path. Guides. In person and in spirit.

✨Day 14: calibration to your highest self and timeline. Dream life activation.

Soul Purpose Round 2 Trainings :

Your Soul Mission Activated live training / activation.

Making Money From Your Art Live Training / Activation 

Education / Removal of past lifetime/present lifetime persecution energy / dark energies to clear to move forward in your Soul Mission.



Trainings are all types: Live Videos, audios, meditations, hypnosis, activations, written, journalling, affirmations.

Britney Taylor with her child

Who is Britney Taylor?

Britney Taylor is a Certified Hypnotherapist, Healer of many modalities, writer, messenger and Coach. She has been passionately obsessed with energy healing and self-help since the age of 16. Britney helps her clients work through issues of low self worth, heartbreak, jealousy, connecting to their souls, and gaining emotional freedom through techniques that work on the subconscious mind. She has invented her own healing method, The Britney Taylor method of healing, which combines all that she has learnt and is effective and powerful at healing emotional blocks.

This is a two week healing container, a journey to reconnect with your deepest self.

You will come out of this knowing who the f*ck you are and why you came to this planet.

Grounded in the Truth, coming from within.

Knowing how to tune into your next steps, to build a life around this knowing.

And to stay committed to living a life from Soul. And a deep connection to service and purpose.

Your challenges will be easier to manage, with the wisdom of your Soul guiding you always home. To love. To truth. To purpose. And reason for being.

You will love yourself deeply and know that you are perfect for what you came here to do.

Your struggles are perfect for what you came here to do.

Your personality is perfect. Your human vessel was chosen by your Soul to bring the magic you came to bring into the world.

You will feel blessed to be here. Awake With the energy of divine love and service

Are you ready now for these energy shifts?

Investment Cost for this offering:
VIP Option: $997USD
  • One 1hr 1:1 session with me
  • 1:1 Voxer coaching support throughout the course (2 weeks.)
  • Access to a bonus 30 day course with me Instant Healing (Regular Price $397)

“I came to Joy of Living Codes through a long path, yes, however I have to say Brit’s course has both cemented structure and activated a roundedness in my offering. It was there, but simply not doing it’s job to the levels is can be and what is meant to be. 

I have completed many, many spiritual courses (never to return to them) but Joy of Codes I will be returning to. Why? Because the teaching comes from Brit’s soul, the activations are simply effective (I feel the shifts inside of me immediately) and the questions provided, challenge me to the edge and bring awareness to what I am not seeing. 

This is where the best growth happens, do not hesitate to sign up to next round, Britney’s a Healing Queen.” 

-Jodi Randall

Message with testimonial of working with Brittney Taylor

You came for the Joy of Living