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Manifestation School is in session!

I know what it feels like to be working on yourself continuously, seeing little changes and then feeling like you are back to where you started from.

I used to understand manifestation logically, but then the weight of living in a world where no one else got it (it seemed) and having my dreams seen so far away… getting closer and then farther away. Became too much to keep going!

That feeling of giving up again. It’s not working anyways. It’s not worth it.

Fluctuating self worth was the norm for me. I just couldn’t sustain the JOY I wanted my life to be about!

I felt separate from my soul self. Not good enough to be consistently who I wanted to be in this lifetime.

Why is everything so hard FOR ME?

Why am I even on this planet? I don’t belong here. No one gets me. I have so much to teach but what is even the point? It is like I’m speaking another language than most!
I had a higher, beautiful vision of my life. Being a mom, wife, beautiful, wise, abundant, the most joyful person I knew… but she felt so far away. I felt not good enough for my own vision…

No one else was seeing me like that. Men would treat me like I didn’t matter, like a side thought… how could I be a mom/ wife if I couldn’t even be taken seriously and valued by the men I wanted?

My soul business seemed impossible. Who would want to listen to me talk about healing/ spiritual things, I had NO ONE in person who gave a fuck or understood.. it was just a hobby that no one would ever care about or pay $ to learn about…

Knowing deep down that what I read and knew at a soul level was true – my dream life was meant for me, was a hard thought to sustain and believe. And because of this. Not much changed. And it took soooo lonnnnnnng to manifest things.

It doesn’t have to be that way for you. There is an easier way.

The truth is, you are DIVINE. You are Gods highest expression.

You have the power to heal and transform your life like I did… with understanding the law of attraction a a deeper, embodied level. And bringing in the power of your Soul. You can transform limited thinking that’s been bogging you down for a lifetime. And be the person you’ve always known deep down you’re meant to be!

Now, I AM living my dream life. I am loved by my dream soulmate man. I got engaged in an even dreamier way than I ever could have expected. I have the cutest baby in the whole world (ok I might be a bit biased there lol )

For over 2 years I have been doing only what I love all the time in my business – healing and teaching on the spiritual things that I am passionate about!! My joy of living! 
What once seemed like a far away dream that I couldn’t seem to get close to is now my reality…

I created it all via the law of attraction and healing myself. This is what I’m going to teach you in Manifest Your Dream Life School.

Miracles are meant for you. The Love you desire is meant for you. Your dream soul work that you intended to do on this earth is meant for you. Let me show you how to manifest a life beyond your wildest dreams.. 

With my support you can manifest your dreams way faster than fkn around on your own in your fluctuating emotional field.

Let’s do this. We’re starting so soon.
And remember,

You came for the Joy of Living,


This is for you if :

You know your dreams are meant for you.

You are starting to see others show up in your IG and Fb feeds who are living the life you want!

You LOVE learning about manifestation, but you want to transition from just a student of the Law of Attraction to LIVING IT, BREATHING IT and seeing the RESULTS from your effort.

You know you have a special gift to share with the world and you are so ready to remove fears and doubts and go ALL IN on your Soul business.

You are ready to take full responsibility in the creations of your dreams.

YOU LOVE FUN and want to learn how to manifest your life’s dreams in a FUN, and NON NEEDY way.

You love sex, and are fascinated with sexual energy and want to learn how to use your feminine power for manifestation.

You are ready to activate your dream life in multiple areas, and you believe it’s your time NOW to do so.

You are ready to ditch that LONGING for good and start LIVING your dreams.

You want a proven process and practice to use manifestation in every area.

You want to awaken to a deep reverence for all of life. Living in Miracle Consciousness.

Who Am I?

Hi loves,

I’m Britney Taylor, Soul Coach and Healer, lifelong student of healing and Manifestation.

I started young in my life studying past lives and mediumship, knowing there was so much more to this world than what we could see with our physical senses.

I always felt left out on this planet, with a deep remembrance that there was a time when we could create with pure thought alone. ( common of lightworkers to have these memories in other dimensions where creation YES is easier.)

Now, with the changes happening collectively on our planet, it is time for us to learn how to create our realities much faster. It’s one of the major shifts happening on the planet today.

I have spent many years in study of the otherworldly, the meaning of life. I am a Reiki Master Teacher, Certified Hypnotherapist, Theta Healer, and manifestation obsessed. This is my life’s work. And if you are here reading this, I’m sure you are here to master manifestation and raise the collective vibration as well.

I have gone from a deep loneliness, pain and sadness and feeling like I was on the wrong planet to :

Full living out of my life’s dreams, my JOY OF LIVING, and teaching others how to do the same.

Anyone can learn to manifest their wildest dreams, if only they knew their power and how this stuff actually works!

That is why I am so excited to offer you this amazing opportunity to master Manifestation and learn to live your dreams NOW.

portrait of Britney Taylor client Amy

“Brit knows her shit when it comes to understanding how creation really works in this world, and her ability to teach, coach and guide you back to the remembrance of how powerful you are in the creation of your relationships is powerful as fuck!

Even if you feel like you already have a good grasp on it, she’ll take you next level.

And results? Will blow your pretty little mind.”

-Amy Kiddie

“Brit, I can’t thank you enough for all of your help inside the dream man plan.  I joined because not getting married or having a family is one of my deepest fears.  I’ve been really good at manifesting in every area of my life except for that.  I saw immediate shifts after your first training and it blew my mind my relationship has done a complete 360 and I owe that to you! I’m so much happier, thank you thank you thank you x 1000 I know we will work together again in the future!”

-Brittney Jones


This is a 5 Week Online Course, packed with amazing content to send you into your dream life manifestations in all areas.

This is back to SCHOOL! For Manifestation.


Manifesting Through Your Souls Divine Blueprint

Week 1 Bonuses: Past life healing hypnosis
Inner child healing training
Meet Your Soul and Guides Meditation


Feminine Energy & Manifestation

Learn to manifest through your feminine and sexual energy. Heal Sexual Shame. Become your creative self.
Week 2 Bonuses: Manifest Better Sex Training
Activate your Feminine Sexiness Training
Self Love and Confidence Hypnosis


Manifesting Your Soul Business: Embodying Your Divine Soul Work

Week 3 Bonuses: Soul Purpose School Training
Soul Purpose Healing Activation
Soul Safety Training


Manifesting Dream Relationships

Week 4 Bonuses: Soul Connection Training
Activating Soul Love meditation.
Healing Your Relationships Hypnosis


Manifesting Miracles & Increasing Expectations In Your Life

Week 5 Bonuses: God is Your Daddy Training
Miracle Mindset Affirmations
Joy of Living Activation

What We Will Cover :


What We Will Cover :

Is it time for you to MASTER MANIFESTATION?

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And remember, you came for the Joy of Living