Heal Your Jealousy:

From Fear & Despair to Gracious, Loving, Goddess

A two week Intensive with Britney Taylor

Jealousy for me felt like a base of the spine, sudden, clutching fear, terror, despair, and uncontrollable feeling… I felt it throughout my entire body.
Palms sweaty, shallow breathing, heat all over my body. When I saw something, that I didn’t want to see,
He liked another girls pic,
Some girl liked his pic.
Some bitch was texting him.
A tinder message popped up on his phone (when we were supposed to be only dating eachother)
I couldn’t stop the feelings from coming up!!! I felt CRAZY.
The feeling of jealousy was so strong in me,
It was fear, fear that the thing (or man) I most cared about, or loved, would be taken away from me…. because I wasn’t good enough.
Because there were other women out there who were better and he wanted more….
And finally, the DESPAIR that I had felt my entire life since childhood,
The belief that,
“I would never be happy.”
“I would never be loved.”
“I was a horrible person.”
“Men don’t give a fuck about me. Or value me at all.”
“I can never be myself and be loved.”
“I don’t matter as a person.”
“I am meant to suffer.”
“Life is misery.”
Even though I KNEW and had known for a LONG TIME that i was creating my reality, I had been reading law of attraction books for YEARS!!!
I had been taking healing courses for YEARS!!!
I had been reading self help books for YEARS!!!
I still could not rise above this feeling…. none of that shit mattered when I found myself in these situations. My jealousy prevailed, which then led to the despair and feeling that all that I do and I had done was fucking USELESS anyways…and I was just destined to suffer.
I would cry about it regularly. It felt totally out of my control. It was just the way it was, always had been, always would be.
And every other chick I talked to about it felt the same. This was considered NORMAL, to react this way….
Ladies, its fucking NOT normal to feel this crazy and jealous.
It is complete bullshit to allow a situation OUTSIDE OF YOU, to “cause” this emotional, and perhaps even PHYSICAL reaction.
This situation is a GIFT for you to HEAL YOURSELF and your INSECURITIES.
This man is a GIFT, here to help heal your CHILDHOOD WOUNDS, and maybe even past life wounds.
Now, I can honestly tell you I NEVER experience jealousy like this, and it was ALL coming from UNHEALED WOUNDS and LOW SELF WORTH.
It was never coming from any relationship situation itself, and now I have even healed my jealousy SO MUCH that I would be into a NON MONOGAMOUS relationship (which before would have felt like torture and hell. Now seems like a fabulous and realistic idea, with the type of person I am and the type of men I attract.)
I could have never come to this perspective without spending the amount of time I did healing the fuck out of myself and working on my self worth every damn day until I felt better.
I was DETERMINED to heal everything in me that was causing me to feel that shitty feeling.
I knew from obsessively studying Abraham Hicks teachings that I was creating my reality and I was damn well DETERMINED to create positivity in my life.
The jealousy had to go. And now, I’m so grateful that I dig deep into myself and healed my own shit.
Maybe you are ready to do the same.
Or maybe you want to keep suffering even though you KNOW that your jealousy is signifying something so much deeper than your relationship situation itself…
Heal Your Jealousy- From Fear and Despair to Gracious, Loving Goddess. A 2 Week intensive with me.
You will receive 14 Trainings with me focused around healing your jealousy, healing deep childhood wounds, and improving self worth.
If you’re ready to be a Gracious, Loving Goddess instead of a crazy jealous chick, message me now to sign up.

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This is a once in a lifetime opportunity to Heal your Jealousy and stop re-creating relationship dramas based on childhood wounds.

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