t’s not a far off dream to feel that you were created for greatness. You are neither superior, nor inferior. You are perfectly and uniquely you, and you DO have a mission here.Your Soul is gifted, with a specific frequency that allows your highest mission to unfold. There is something you came here to do that no one else can. Plugging these mission codes into your lightbody allows you to be sealed in gods love and protection, divinely guided, and connecting to an infinite stream of love 💗 Joy and purpose. ☀️Even if you do not see this happening around you, earth is going through a major change right now, the evolved souls are leading the way to the new earth by embodying their mission codes. Perpetual self sacrifice and suffering need not be. There is a way out, there is a higher path. It may be the more difficult option at times, choosing Your unique soul, and being made fun of for it. Or disappointing family members by not doing what they feel is right for you. But this is YOUR life. And only YOU know your own soul path. ☀️And this life has been given to you as a special gift, for you to allow your soul gifts expression. It is a honour to be here, in the physical body at this time of spiritual acceleration on this planet. Why not do what you actually were put here for?🙏🙏☀️Everything you fear can happen by going for your soul mission can be healed in the light of god. You are loved 🥰 by your soul family and source.You can do what you really are inspired to. And have all the goodness that you know is meant for you. ☀️You are so loved that you have the free will choice to choose the highest path for your soul or not. 🙏What mission is needing to be birthed through you?What gifts are coming down from your soul, begging to be expressed through your physical vessel?Let them out today. Prioritize this in the same way you prioritize breathing every moment 😉 XoBrit 💛💛💛☀️☀️


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