You can have a beautiful potential and never live it.It really comes down to the choices you make day to day, are they moving you closer to your highest expression or not?If you are here to Create the New Earth realities, you have to Lead the way. Stepping into your leadership energy will be paramount.

The greatest geniuses are all considered crazy at first.

If you really want to live your Potential, you may realize you have to break out of the molds already created and create something entirely new!I pretty much do not know anyone in my real physical life doing anything like I’m doing.

And before I started, I didn’t know anyone doing this kinda thing even really existed. But as soon as I decided to start, the new world was at my footsteps. I connected with so many soul tribe all over the world. 🌎🙏

I wouldn’t have known I could be connecting with and helping people all over the world, all from home 🏡 It brings me so much Joy. 💛

And even still every day I have to make the right choices that continue to align me with my souls expression and not allow myself to get bogged down by all the pain of life I found myself in. I never want to allow the trauma to steal my SOUL.

Each day, or each moment even we have important choices to make. 💛To make the right choices that lead us to our highest potential, we have to have lots of time for inner reflection. Self inquiry.

Asking yourself, what do I really want my life to be about?What is my soul calling me to do?And how can I move in that direction?Then the most important part of it all, listening to your Soul and taking the aligned actions!


Big hugs


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