In those moments where it feels like it’s the end, it’s really the beginning ⚡️

You can completely become a new person, completely regenerate / transform yourself, in this lifetime, as many times as your soul requires.

I am in awe of myself sometimes, at how many transformations I have truly gone through. I have become a completely new person,
the same soul frequency, but massively upgraded, over, and over again in this lifetime.
It’s truly a miracle. 🙏
And that is why I never can shut up about this!💛

Completely unrecognizable to me, the existentially depressed, very sickly, cynical, young child, that I thought was ME,
Was not at all the real me,
But programs/ energies/ influences I had taken on to clear.

I woke up this morning, and briefly I felt the feeling of betrayal, being left in this way by my love, and what I’ve had to deal with.

And immediately a realization came to me, how easily forgivable this all is, (I instantly was able to forgive him for this ) and the reasons being,
This is not even the worst betrayal I’ve forgiven in this lifetime.
I’ve been heartbroken far worse and healed myself (with no help from the spirit of this man lol, so this time is even easier because he is helping me to heal from spirit!)

immediately then I heard a love song playing in my head, and I was reminded how after what I thought was the worst heartbreak in my life, I continued to have love in my heart, and hope, and knowing that I would attract my dream man, and then I did. 💛 and I have been teaching this to women since 2018!!

And how I can just easily be in this energy again, when I choose to. 🙏💗💛

A message I received from my love in spirit the other day, in the form of a song playing when I was having a massage, said “make sure to keep the flame of love 💗 burning in her heart”

I will ALWAYS keep the love in my heart. No matter what. This is no different. 🙏

Then my mind pondered the spiritual betrayal of lifetime in Lemuria. Which if you have had lifetimes there; you will know on the cellular level, the betrayal went deep.
And what I am living in this lifetime is similar. But that betrayal was far worse.

This one is a piece of cake 🎂😂
Compared to what I’ve been through.
And regardless, of what it is we are healing,
We always, through the power of God and positive angelic forces on our side, can completely transform. Regenerate. And heal. 💛⚡️


We have to go deep INTO the pain.

Asking, what belief is being triggered here?
Usually will all be coming back to a core belief that is inaccurate for this lifetime of massive spiritual progression.
Being separated from our source.
Being betrayed. Etc.

We can ask God, to clear these, and bring in the energetic frequency we need to heal, and to be our highest selves in this lifetime.

It’s much easier to heal now, and faster than when I started out in my healing journey.
The miracles you are capable of now can blow your mind.

But we have to ask for help sometimes.

It is In those moments; where you truly feel like, you cannot go on, it is just too much.
You can then surrender to god, and ask for the spiritual support you require for your healing.

And In those moments, you will notice the miracles the most too, because the shift will be soooo powerful.

You can never doubt your own healing power though god once you’ve experienced shifts like this.

Unrecognized to the person you felt like before, (who was not truly you but the false belief & energy you had taken on, which has now been transmuted with Gods light.)

The issue that once pushed your buttons so much, made you feel the depths of despair, now able to allow a lightness, a laughter even, in your being, as you can see the truth now, of how far removed you were in that place, how it was so not the real you at all, and you are truly free now, so the emotion has completely shifted.

The amount of times I have healed myself like this I can’t even count 😂 and it continues to be the most epic feeling ever!

Oh how I wish every single person in the world could know this power.

And that is why I am here, speaking this, even when I’ve suffered immensely, but the light / love in my heart cannot be shut off.

Because with this power in activation, I know I can truly heal from anything. So I can trust. And relax.
And know I am taken care of by a loving God.

What I’ve lived through and healed is a miracle. My life is a miracle that I can feel this way, after so much,

And this lifetime isn’t even the worst, lol, actually it’s quite mild because I’ve been doing this for so long.

This is the lifetime where we can have our victory starseeds. 🌟

And as sad as it is, that so many others do not understand
and you can lead a horse to water but can’t get him to drink. 😢

We have to continue to shine our light for those that ARE ready for it, 🌟
And there are so many more ready now than ever before my loves.

I hope this post can be your reminder that whatever you’re going through, no matter how heavy it feels, you CAN heal,
and look at all the evidence you have of this already!🙏

All the transformations you’ve already gone through. 😮

this one is NOTHING compared to the infinite power of your soul and God!🙏

Remember that divine light warrior!

And I love you very much. I am here for you.

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Much love All💛💛💛




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