What makes your heart sing in joy cannot ever truly be taken from you. Sure you can lose the physicality of it.

But, that inner feeling of joy, because it came from your soul, will always be available to you.

As evil is grasping at straws and trying to make us feel that everything can be taken from us, inciting fear and scarcity, in attempts to lower us enough so that we forget the truth of the matter. The truth that the inner soul spark, the inner joy, the love we share for our soulmates, these cannot be taken by any external force.

The soulmate bonds you share are eternal and exist mutlidimensionally, not just in this physical realm.

No matter what external thing you have attached your joy too, know that it is an inner feeling, an inner smile coming from your soul, and you can always keep this, no matter what happens to you in your life. You will be able to access it again.

You can journal on the frequency of Joy. What truly makes YOU sing in JOY?

What you write here are not trivial things although they may seem like it to the human mind.

But no, these are soul strengthening exercises. Being in that frequency of Joy lightens the heavy load we carry in this dense physical realm.

It IS Important. It is so very needed. Especially in these times.


You came for the Joy of LIVING, Brit


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