Most of us that become teachers of spirit don’t just wake up one day and think, “hey I’m gonna become a spiritual teacher” Lol 😂
It is through a life changing experience that we realize, we HAVE to help others feel this way too.

I remember my first healing session I received in 2014, feeling like an ENTIRE different person, like a black cloud of depression fog released from my energy in a instant that I had felt my entire life since birth, poof, gone! ⚡️

And then, not because I wanted to, but because I HAD to,
I had to learn this healing method, and teach others, so I could help others to have this shift too!🙌

Once something major shifts in your energy, and you feel that miraculous transformation, it really is hard to not be absolutely OBSESSED with this. 💛
Because the shift is so huge, you feel entirely new, finally like your true self. ☀️
Devotion to this path is the ONLY thing that makes sense. ✨

And it’s a constant dedication to this path, there will be more things to shift. But each new shift becomes like peeling an onion 🧅 you become closer to YOU each time. Until eventually you are grounded in such a deep truth, and knowing of who
You really are. That even the worst of circumstances could happen to you (I’ve had that happen) , and you bounce back from anything, and you remain connected to God Source through it all. 💛

The spiritual path is not one shift, it’s a way of life. 🌸
It may begin with one miraculous shift. ⚡️

A knowing. A download. ☀️
Something clicks.
We know who we REALLY are.
And why we came here. ☀️

Which is To heal. 🙏
To clear/ transmute heavy darkness taken on from our bloodline/ ancestral karma. 💚
And to help others do the same so they may be free of the dark clouds that used to bound us too, to that suffering that is inherent in being here with that amnesia of why we came. 🌹

We can never force anyone to heal,
They have to be fully ready, as we were.
But as we shine our light 💡

Something In those others we are meant to help clicks too ✨

The ripple effect of our light 💡 contributes to the evolution of humanity.

It’s not a small thing to be dedicated to the healing path.💛

It is true service to god .☀️

It is our reason for being. 💚

It is heavy at times but also so miraculous 💡 as well.

Starseeds, healers, lightworkers, I see you. 🦁
I thank you for being on this planet at this time. 🙏

You are SO valued.💛

Your work is critical at this time, 💛

And I am here for you my loves 💛




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