Those thoughts in your head that want you to fit in, hide your true self, feel ashamed and guilty for who you are…Are lies!

Are the literal expression of the darkness of this world attempting to suck you into it!

And I find myself going there even tho I’ve preached this for sooo long. Wondering if had I not shined my light so bright would I not be so hated in these hardest days of my life…. Lies!

Being your true self. Authentically. Boldly. Proudly. Is what frees you. Heals you.Heals others. And the planet!(That’s why it also triggers unconscious people that don’t want to heal.)

There are those that are mouthpieces for God and those that are for the opposite (unknowingly)

Do not allow your fear (and this fear can be quite literally full body, as there can be past life memory of literal persecution, ie witch burning etc, for being your true self; and sharing your healing gifts!)To stop you from being who you are and shining your unique light 💡 with the world.

You will not be killed in this lifetime for doing healing work. (This was something my higher self said to me during my first past life regression in 2016.)So, even though it can feel scary, literally like unsafe and like people are attacking you for sharing your true self with the world. It is still SO IMPORTANT that you do.

Being your true self, living your divine soul blueprint, is what activates you, aligns you with the JOY of your true being, brings out your natural confidence and BLESSES your life.

The dark forces of this planet would love for you to stay small and ashamed of who you are, then you’d never help the people you’re meant to help; or yourself, and the ripple effect of your light would be so dulled. Let’s not do this this time around, okay? 😉🙏💛

You are SUCH a beautiful soul. Your UNIQUENESS and GIFTS will/ are healing SO many!

Lovingly talk to the fear of you shining in all your glory, Know you are protected. You are so needed. So valued here on this planet at this time. And I am here for you too💛💡🙏☀️

XoLots of love 💛Brit

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