the Restoration of the divine human blueprint ☀️

I believe we as Humans are sparks ⚡️ of God.
We have just had amnesia of this, at no fault of our own, and deliberately by anti-life forces.

To Remember who we Truly Are.
Is to come home to God.
To Know Truth.
To activate our SOUL and the unique Genius & Gifts 🎁 that we are here to Serve others and the planet 🌎 with!

Some of us are here to be the guides. 🌟
The way showers. 💛
Through our vibrational frequency and innate wisdom. 📚
To the restoration of that True Divine Human Blueprint. As God would have it be.

Now, meditate for a few moments 🧘‍♀️
Take a few deep breaths.
Center yourself.
Hand on your heart 💗
And ask yourself,
If I fully trusted in God,
In my innate divinity,
In being divinely supported on this earth 🌍

What am I truly here to do?
How can I serve from the highest light 💡 of my being?
What truly makes my heart sing in Joy?💛

And then have the courage,
To Be this
Version of you.
The Real You as God intended.
The Soul You.

You are the magic key 🔑 that unlocks Heaven on earth 🌟

But you must be who you truly Are.
Your Soul. 💛
Your innate divinity.💛
Shining bright for All💡☀️
It’s time now. 🙏💎

And I am sending so much love 💛 beautiful souls



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