If you are a sensitive and impressionable soul, (especially true for those with a Pisces or Neptune influence in the birth chart)it is OK and in fact absolutely necessary at times to remove negative associates from your life. And change your surroundings. and actually it is imperative if you want to succeed and be your true self in this lifetime.

With such impressionability, it can be life or death to do so.

When you begin to awaken spiritually, toxic individuals in your life may vehemently oppose this. They may want you in a place easily controllable. Or not a threat to their own unhealed aspects.

It’s wise to remember that love only given when you remain stagnant in your spiritual evolution, is NOT love at all, but control.

While being an empathetic soul it may hurt you to hurt their feelings, ultimately we HAVE TO put ourselves first in our life.A life without the freedom to be your true self and follow your soul and hearts desires is a prison.

Not allowing yourself to be your true self will cause depression/ anxiety as well.

I have been reflecting lately on how blessed I have been in my life, that the people around me have been always (mostly) supportive of my spiritual aspirations. I remember my dad taking my to the bookstore and buying me my first astrology books. When I began doing charts at 15, I remember him telling everyone and getting me to do theirs as well.

I also remember him giving me the time off of work in 2014 when I worked for him, and paying for me to do my first energy healing course, which was the beginning of my own personal healing and for me to begin to awaken to my desire to also help others.

I am so very fortunate to have had this support in my spiritual mission. To be not made fun of but actually encouraged by my parents and those closest to me. I recognize not everyone is so lucky in this regard. Sure, it was not always easy as I began to change my life to reflect my soul self, they did not always agree with my life choices to follow the spiritual path, but as we must look at with people in our life, does the bad outweigh the good? Are they most often supportive of our soul expression or not?

And for me, the good far outweighs the bad. I am so incredibly blessed and grateful to have had that. I have recently been made aware that I come from a starseed family meaning my mother and father both are also soul family to me. I think this is rare to have. And such a blessing.

I deeply empathize with those who have not had a relationship like this with their parents and family. I recognize how much harder it would be to follow your own soul path. Not impossible though, but much harder.

I do still firmly believe we choose our parents at the soul level before we are born though. For adequate soul lessons / growth purposes. I required this family to be firmly planted in my spiritual mission in this lifetime, regardless of what traumas I would endure. If you have an unconditionally loving relationship with your family, and they encourage you to be your true self or at least don’t threaten to stop loving you if you do so, be very grateful.

If you are only offered love if you live your life a certain way, feel free, and realize you NEED to set strong boundaries, as this is not love at all, but control. And you will suffer if you allow this kind of treatment, no matter how much “love” there is there.

We come to this planet with a specific soul energy/ gifts / mission. Anything stifling this expression needs to be dealt with/ removed.

You are important. Your unique individuality and soul expression matter so much!!!💛💛💛🙏🙏🙏☀️☀️☀️



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