Be open to the miracle healing power of spirit 💎🙏☀️

The other day I received a miraculous healing and I just can’t get over it.

Pisces season was like a whole month of deep grief and despair, and purging this out of my physical body. The last two weeks massive physical body upgrades and barely being able to move at one point, shaking, & sickness along with the deep grief seeming like I would never recover from this. The last day of Pisces I had a massive migraine, so bad I could barely keep my eyes open or closed, (lol ) and it was also making me physically sick 🤮 And I was missing him so bad and feeling so overwhelmed/ stressed with everything along with being not physically feeling well, I just felt like the depths of darkness.

I asked for prayers, and within the hour, I was miraculously healed.

I laid in bed just resting, (couldn’t do anything else)I was half asleep and I felt my love in spirit 💎 I felt him holding my hand, I could feel exactly what his hand felt like. I laid there feeling his love for about an hour or so. Then the migraine miraculously was gone and hasn’t come back.

I feel my body coming back to light 💡 The grief while still always there and I doubt it will ever fully go away, especially not soon, but feeling a lot lighter overall than I have the last few weeks. It was a literal PHYSICAL miracle.

I feel like God/ spirit / my love Diamond 💎 in spirit wanted me to have physical evidence of the healing power of spirit. And that’s why it got so rough there, so I could be miraculously healed, as I was.

Also it was time for my physical body to purge some of the trauma I’ve gone through as well.

But wow. Just wow.

Deathly migraine Ask for prayers Lay there Be visited by my love in spirit and feel him so strongly physically there healing/ loving me And then open my eyes and be miraculously healed without doing anything else Pretty cool stuff 😎


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