When I was 14 years old, before my spiritual awakening, I had a powerful dream that I would consider a premonition or wisdom that I live by now. I was at a party and I was visited by a giant, like I’m talking 100 feet tall angel. (I was not studying any spiritual things at this time, or even thinking about angels or anything like that.)

This angel said one thing to me, loudly, “WE CANT PROTECT YOU IF YOU USE DRUGS.”

I saw in the dream, people I knew, and myself, using drugs and being open to negative influences and dangerous circumstances. It was actually kind of a nightmare. But the message was loud and clear for me.

This is right about the time my closest friends and my group at school began using drugs, and right as I was deciding I would too.

This dream did not save me. As it goes, sometimes we as humans need to hear a message about 10 or 20 times before we actually listen 😂 It was about 3 years of the party lifestyle in my teens before I really committed to my spiritual growth and healing, which ended up putting me on a higher path. I had friends who died due to drugs, around that time, that made it abundantly clear that this was a dangerous path.

But nothing could have really made me listen to this advice though, untilI was ready to commit to my own healing.

As I look back now on my life, that dream was probably a guardian Angel, trying to protect me from the negative influences I was opening myself up to. And the danger that I was putting myself in by choosing to indulge in that lifestyle.

I did struggle with depression and low self esteem at that time, hugely exasperated by the lifestyle I chose.

As I stopped the drug / party lifestyle though, and committed to the healing path, emotionally, I was able to heal myself as well. I didn’t listen at 14 years old, but I am listening now and have been since I was 18 years old.

Especially in this time of my life where emotions are high, I will not touch a drop of alcohol or ever touch any drugs again.

Even if you are not a spiritual person; when you are going through sometime extremely heavy, you need all the positive brain chemicals you can get. This is science.

And messing with drugs or alcohol will only make things worse in the long term, even if they cause pleasure in the short term. I really do believe that there are many things that happen on this planet; that were not meant to happen, even deaths that were not meant to happen, because people open themselves up to negative influences because of substances.

There is angelic and spiritual support available, but they can only do so much, when you continue to take the wrong path.


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