The energies you cultivate within can never be taken from you. ✨This is a message I’ve been seeing lately in others posts and so feeling this myself how literally no matter what has happened, the worst possible thing I could’ve imagined, it couldn’t take away what I have cultivated within. Ie. My soul connection. Inner Joy. 💛& The love that exists between our souls, although the physical expression of that love has now changed with him being on that side, the soul love 💗 the telepathic connection/ communication is so ever present. 💛 I am so grateful that I prioritized my inner self for the last 10 years. I’m so glad I found my Joys / what truly made my soul happy. That can never be taken.It is this inner work of knowing my True self and choosing to cultivate Inner positive qualities that has helped me so much to be where I am today in my grief journey. Feeling so much lighter. And so spiritually connected to my love now and forever. It is really a miracle that I can feel this way after all I’ve gone through and the new life I am adjusting to.I hope this can be a reminder that your introspection and cultivation of inner qualities. Your soul connection. Your Joy and self realization. These are what will carry you through the dark times of your life! Prioritize this now and always my loves. 💛💛✨✨✨💖💖You are so precious and valuable here. Your attention to your inner self, your self knowing, your inner healing, none of this can be taken from you, no matter WHAT happens. Who leaves. Who attacks you. Etc. You will always have that Center to come back to. ✨🌟Your SOUL will always be there for you. 🌟Please remember this when life gets heavy. 🤍💛🙏


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