The enemy will do whatever it can to break your heart, kill your spirit and have you wallowing on the ground in a feeling of total defeat.

But the human spirit is so much stronger than all of this!

But it sure doesn’t feel like it in those moments!

When we actually catch on to the forces at work who would love to destroy us in every way, we can overcome it all a lot easier, and be prepared for the inevitable resistance we will face in overcoming our life’s challenges.

We can recognize that as beaten down we feel in those moments, those moments ARE NOT are highest truth, and we can always RISE ABOVE!

That is the miracle of the human spirit, it can go all the way from one polarity to the other.

The darkest of demons or the highest of angels. All in one lifetime we have the potential to be.

It’s up to US!

We have powerful God forces on our side as well, Angels and spirit guides here to support us, if we ASK! 🙏

God is on our side and always has been. The biggest pain we can feel in our lives is believing otherwise, and this is so painful, because it is SO FAR FROM THE TRUTH.

The demons want you to believe you are separate from God, unloveable, useless, and incapable of overcoming your struggles. It can seem SO real at times too as we’ve never been taught here our true power and light, we’re mostly all traumatized and soul fragments missing, we’ve been raised by imperfect or in some cases downright abusive parents, there’s so many things that happen on this earth that go against god and natural law,

So yes it can seem all very true in these deep feelings of despair.

But, you have a choice to claim your NEW truth as a sovereign being , loved by god and the universe and here with GREAT PURPOSE and MISSION!

Capable of alchemizing the darkest of trauma and pain into GOLD for others to see and be inspired / moved by !

And that is what you in your SOUL power will naturally and sometimes effortlessly do!!!

That’s why the dark ones despise you!

You have miracle capabilities and can / are helping so many be free of these limitations / entities abuse once and for all!

That is the gift and curse of being a healer.

Your light is a threat to those who benefit off humanity staying in darkness.

Being aware of this can help you in those moments you’ve just had it and you feel totally defeated being here.

In those moments, you can ask god and your soul/ spirit teams to help you see / clear / transmute the pain pattern.

You can be free of struggles with you for lifetimes even.

You can become a totally different person, multiple times, in one lifetime, I know I have!

You can be on the other side of that which feels so STICKY like you’ll never be free of it.

You can heal!

And I’m sending you so much love 💛🙏💎🌹




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