When we experience a trauma, it creates a tear or rip or hole in our aura, A piece of our soul fragments,Stuck in this timeline, Until we decide to energetically repair this and bring in the light of god, call our soul back to us, usually an entity / negative energy will attach into the auric hole to feed on/ emphasize the pain from the trauma to make it worse and seem more unhealable

Then; what most people do when the pain is so unbearable and the entity is making it all worse

They escape through addictions,Then the addictions and substances cause even more holes in the aura

Making it incredibly difficult to break away from this pattern now

Many people do not make it out of this cycle alive … harsh truths. I have lived it.

If you do not work to heal your traumas and inner pain/ disconnect from your soul, You will be disconnected from purpose, A piece of you missing,

And if you go the way of escapism, Things can get very bad, and you may spend your whole life in a sleep state, a fragment of what you could have been, and what your soul intended to be.

Self awareness is key. Knowing your traumas. Your pain. The root cause. Whether in this lifetime or another. Bringing in the light of god. Clearing entity attachments. Rewriting beliefs. Clearing the wound. Calling back the soul fragments. Reclaiming the Real You.

It can all be done.When we start getting proficient at this, even in minutes, I can heal deep ancient wounds of myself in minutes now. This is the most important work we can be doing now!


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