Some of my favourite astrological aspects in the SYNASTRY chart (relationship chart ) of two people for LONG TERM compatibility are :

Mercury in compatible signs, especially if they are making a positive aspect to eachother. Mercury in astrology represents communication, how we think & speak . 🗣 When these are compatible in the two peoples charts, we can see they can COMMUNICATE HALLELUJAH 😉This is something I personally feel is the most important thing to have in the two charts! Especially for a mercury dominant individual or an air sign dominant!

My second favourite thing to see for long term compatibility is compatible JUPITER signs! Or the Jupiter of one partner making a conjunction/ trine / Sextile with another’s planets!Jupiter is our JOY, it’s our aspiration, it’s where we wish to GO in this lifetime. When these are harmonious the two people just ENJOY eachother, and feel like they can grow together and become their highest selves together!I LOVE to see this in the Synastry chart! If we just ENJOY eachother we can withstand the challenges a soulmate relationship inevitably will bring!

Do you have a long term relationship that you’d love to know just exactly why you are just the perfect couple- astrologically speaking?

Are you breaking up? Wanna know how to potentially save your relationship or if it’s a lost cause?Are you SUPER HOT for someone and wanna know if this is going to be a potential thing or just a fantasy in your head ??? (Pisces/ Neptune dominants I’m talking to you 😉)

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