We can become so used to normalized bullying, put downs and other soul abuse from humans operating with closed hearts and disconnected souls, that our inner voice becomes a mouthpiece for unworthy thoughtforms that do not allow us to fully go for what we really desire, or what we would really excel at, because we’ve internalized these negative voices, that were never coming from our soul.

So many humans are completely disconnected from reality in this way. Believing that they are not gifted, and that others aren’t either, just because of the voices of not soul activated humans that they’ve surrounded themselves with.

The person who believes in themselves and their dreams is like a foreign alien, who in some cases, they even see them as completely insane, when actually, this is the person with TRUE sanity, that comes from soul /spirit communication.

As the soul begins to awaken, we will start to sense that maybe we are more gifted than we realize, maybe we have a unique purpose here, maybe the unworthy thoughts that make us feel useless or inferior were never true at all,

but, if we remain surrounded in our environment by those on a different frequency, we may fluctuate back into the old patterns, denying the soul from being expressed. This eventually leads to depression caused by stagnation in our spiritual growth.

When you begin to be budding in your soul awakening, its important to follow your internal impulses, no matter how “crazy” they seem, realizing that SOUL embodiment and true heart healing which leads to inner peace, joy, purpose, fulfillment, are all relatively new energies to this planet, (not new to our souls, but new as far as the way things have gone here)

You must follow your inner voice, that is the voice of your soul, above all naysayers, recognizing the personal journey to soul aligned living is totally unique. It may be uncommon in those you find yourself surrounded with. You could be one of the first to awaken, who is meant to then become a way shower of true spiritual awakening.

It is not coming from an ego or superior place, that you are awakening first, it is just a factual awareness if you look around you and no one or very few are on the spiritual or healing path.

They cannot possibly understand what they have not had experience with.

But, we cannot listen to the voices of those who truly have no idea what they are talking about, as they have been conditioned in this 3d matrix, and a part of this conditioning is to attack/ fear anything that goes against the normal societal constructs (which are very spiritually unhealthy in most cases)

As you are beginning on your spiritual journey, or even at all levels of the spiritual path, take your energy very seriously, take good care to be around positive and uplifting people and energies that have a similar resonance with what you feel growing inside of you (compassion , unconditional love, spiritual awarenesses, purpose ,joy etc. )

Treat your awakening self as if you were a loving parent to your own inner child developing a gift or talent that you would then become prolific at. Honouring and valuing this path, as if it is the greatest work of your life. Allowing nothing and no one to stand in the way of you and your awakening true Self.

This is truly the path of inner contentment, more valuable than anything external that I could ever think of. Having a relationship with your Soul, and an open heart will give you a saving grace during any hardship. Prioritize this, and you can have inner peace, that is unswayed by anything. Not that there will never be hard times, but you can be so devoted to your inner healing, that your soul will then guide you to everything you could ever need for true fulfillment.

Come to a deep place of self love where you can honour yourself above the negative voices of others and your own limited self talk. Then you can truly hear the voice of your Soul, which will guide you to everything you could ever need.




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