Rest in his love for you💎♥️
I’ve been hearing this lately as i am relaxing and drifting off, and it sounds like a religious/ bible quote and it probably is.
But what it is meaning for me personally is to Rest in my love in spirits Love for me. 💗
As I hear this I recollect all the moments he showed me his love when he was alive. All the moments I felt sooo in love, so grateful, so in in the BLISS of being with my dream man. 🤍

Being in these memories brings me so much peace.

I know on a deeper spiritual level, these memories attune me to the frequency of his Love in the Now moment. 💎♥️🥰🙏💛

Years ago, when I was in the process of attracting my dream man, even before he was here physically, I did the same thing and I taught it to my clients.

You can physically / emotionally / mentally / spiritually bask in Love 💗 whether or not your soulmate is physically with you!

You can imagine it, and remember times when you felt so loved 🥰 Basking in these frequencies Aids in the manifestation of Love 💗 into your life.

I am falling back on what I always taught, as I navigate this transition, and I stay devoted to Being In Love 🥰 as it’s a higher frequency of my Soul too

To take it to an even deeper spiritual level, we can always rest in the Love of the divine.

For me, being in nature is a big way I bask in the love of God. It feels like total oneness and interconnectedness of all of life🤍

These are frequencies not dependent on anything external. They can always be accessed no matter what!🙏

And it HEALS you.🤍💛🙏💎💗♥️☀️🌟

Sending so much love to you!!

And omg! I have a brand new 1:1 offering my loves💛
Divinely supported in your soul mission, my 6 month 1:1 coaching container is now OPEN!☀️

What i will help you transform & resurrect within you : 🔥
💎 emotional body soothing/ calming / healing to allow more of your SOUL to be expressed 💛

☀️Source connection. Feeling divinely supported in your connection to God/ creator / Source. For deep serenity no matter what!🙏

🌟Your divine Soul Blueprint Restored. Your true self. Your highest timeline. Your dreams. Your service to humanity. All in JOY.
Realized & Activated.

How we work:
-intuitive coaching
-quantum field work healing sessions
-astrological guidance when relevant
-relevant courses for your healing
-day to day Voxer chat for quick 💨 energy shifts

Dm me if you feel the soul pull 💬

It is an investment in yourself and your personal healing!


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