So inspired to talk about receiving messages from our loved ones in spirit as I’ve been asked about this recently and obviously I’m going through the grief journey, this has been soooo paramount to my healing! Probably more than any grief book (although they have also been super helpful to actually understanding the grieving process and the physical body effects of it!) But connect to my loves spirit and receiving messages from him has been the most healing thing probably ever in my life- hands down!!! 🙌When these messages from him come in, something clicks and I’m instantaneously tapped into the frequency of Divine Love 💗 First things first, communication with spirit is done through telepathy. It’s a different part of the brain than let’s say what’s active right now as you’re reading this. Or having a conservation with someone in the physical. It is activating a different part of the brain, so it may feel a little unnatural at first but actually you will come to; with practice find it even more natural than communication with words, as it is your original way of communicating as a soul 😉 souls are telepathic!The most important thing to know is to TRUST the messages you are receiving , ie, don’t think you’re just making it up!And the messages you receive may not come in words (depending on the style of your unique intuition) But likely they will come in as feelings in the heart ♥️ Speaking / communication through the heart (as souls do) is a lot more subtle , so it’s important to be still, allow yourself ample time to meditate / strengthen your aura before you go in (especially at the beginning ) and try to communicate / connect with spirit. It will be harder to discern the messages when you’re distracted or looping in a mental/ emotional pattern. Starting in a calm and meditative state, energy shield 🛡 on is the best first step!And then trusting the messages/ feelings you get coming through! It may be totally unexpected and that is the way you will tell that you are not making it up! The things your loved ones in spirit will tell you, about them, about yourself about life! There is no way you could’ve known this! 😂 You will become soooo much wiser. Because the wisdom is coming from a higher level of consciousness than your current physical self. ♥️They might tell you things you don’t wanna hear, but need to know.! Whatever messages you receive; will heal you! It will allow you to tap into the divine love that exists forever between your souls, and heal the feeling of being separated. ♥️


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