I’ve had 2 mentors / healers say to me in the last couple of day how unheard of calm of my emotional body was, just in general compared to other clients and then also especially with what I have gone through , as it is possibly one of the most traumatic things you can go through!!And I am not saying this to feel superior or anything, we all have our own unique spiritual gifts and abilities, I am no better than anyone, Mine is a unique gift for emotional healing. That is why I have always been called to this type of healing work. Some of my best courses I’ve taught have been on this topic, (Instant Healing from 2018 and re ran again 2020, Light Joyful & Free from 2019, SerenityNow 2020, and Transmutation in 2021- all available for self study purchase , Dm me.)Just today I was on a call and she was helping me work through some of the traumatic feelings/ anxiety that losing my partner has brought up in me, and she said wow, I will be honest; I have never worked with anyone who processes stuff this fast. I was like… well . I guess that’s just what I do 🤷‍♀️ haha 😂😉And wow. With what I’ve had to process now. It is definitely taking this gift to another level!! 💛While sometimes it doesn’t feel so much like a gift, to go through the depth of darkness in human emotions, I ALWAYS come out of it; and fast 💨 I have been doing it my whole LIFE!I really believe it is whet I was placed on this planet for; to help clear the density / darkness that this human experience inevitably brings, and has brought for thousands of years in the form of our past life traumas as well, and to help others clear their energies of this as well. I can help you transmute and transform negative emotions that you have had since childhood or even before. I can help you completely change your identity, more than once. I can help you shift into the highest aspect of your soul. I can help you know yourself, your true powerful self- healing self. I can help you tap into miracles; though a deep connection with your Source. It’s time for me to start owning this to another level. I am a miracle worker, I specialize in the realm of human emotions and energy work. What I have transmuted in my life is nothing short of a thousand miracles. I can help you do the same, only if you are SO READY for massive transformation and healing. Dm me to chat about 1:1 work I offer. Xo Hugs 💛💛☀️☀️🙏🙏🙏Brit


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