Unless you are able to come to a neutral place, don’t always trust everything you’re “feeling”.
Gasp 😱 wait what, Brit is telling me not to trust myself: I thought Brit is all about trust your own soul above anything else!!!

YES I am all about trust your own SOUL above anything else. Key word. SOUL!

Not the emotional body that is easily influenced by our own traumas/ past life energy / karmic energy/ psychic attacks/ inner child messages that need healing,
And so much more that we’ve come here to clear out & heal.

I am not shaming emotions, they are soooo valuable and so precious like little babies to be loved and listened to!

BUT, we don’t want to be making major decisions when under the influence of intense ones.

Same as the advice we receive not to drive under the influence of mind altering substances such as alcohol.

We don’t want to be making life altering decision under waves 🌊 of intense emotion, if we lack self awareness from where this emotion is actually coming from.

Is it coming from the highest part of me?

Or is it coming from a mix of my unhealed trauma and entity attachments?

Same with judgements about a person, whenever we are seeing someone as a straight up demon/ devil. This person is the culprit! This person is the reason for ALL the bad stuff. Blame them! Curse them! They are evil and deserve all the pain!
(I went through this after the loss of the love of my life, being seen like this and blamed. When that is not at all factual and based on total projection/ unhealed wounds in these people)

Most situations are never 100% black and white!
Whenever we find ourself in black and white thinking around a person or ourselves we need to check ourselves, because likely we are operating in our woundedness and not from soul energy.
And there is no shame in that, but awareness is needed so that we don’t make life altering decisions in that state and cause more karma for us, and more suffering in the long run.

Most people are not 100% evil or good, (unless we’re talking ones that were never human to begin with – lol)

But from your place of feeling attacked / triggered you may come to think in these extreme ways, influenced by your emotions, and make rash decisions, then creating more of the energy you actually want to be free from. Ie, pain, anger, stress, betrayal, etc.

It has definitely be challenging for me to not return this energy I felt attacked with, as it’s easy when people are making you out to be the devil to go back and say well no actually YOU are the evil ones lol.
And even though that feels a lot more true to me, I know that I am heavily influenced by my own emotions also and don’t want to create more of the energy I’m trying to remove from this planet!

I am really proud of myself for how I’ve handled it all, and very thankful for the supportive people I have had during this, and my guides/ God, my own higher self and soul that have definitely toned down my heavily emotional and impulsive moon/ Mars
Conjunction in Leo ♌️ and Aries rising fire 🔥 to allow me to come back into neutrality around all this heavy stuff.

The main key 🔑 point of this post is to take the time to respond to all that you are dealing with in your life.

Knee jerk reactions, unless you’re in a life and death situation, are not helpful for most of life’s challenges you will deal with.

Like, if you are making a major change in your,
Relationships & conflicts there

In the heat of the moment you might feel a certain way,
Wait until you can successfully come into a place of neutrality before making a major decision. Or responding to that text message.

In moments like these try to come to the most relaxed place you can, ask your Soul and God to be with you strongly and give you the higher guidance,
Then respond,
Then see the situation clearly,

And make decisions from that place.

If everyone did this we would have way less conflicts, accidents, trauma,
And we would live in a much more joyful world.

We all can help to create this. By managing our own energy and emotions better.

And this is not to shame anyone; we are ALWAYS doing the best we can do with the knowledge we have.

And wow, I have been like the most impulsive person on the planet in my other life (this life but before I had this awareness lol 😆)

So I am in no way judging.
Just trying to help in the way I have directly experienced improvement in my life and emotional / spiritual well-being.

Much love to all. 💛🙏☀️🌸




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