Your true Soul Fulfillment is the main course of your life.

How I went from insecure/needy/jealous/ to calm/confident and detached around manifesting my soulmate 😱😱

And how this energy shift actually allowed him to come to me! 🥰I used to be like a lost puppy, wanting men so badly who didn’t want me back (or so it appeared) 😭The inner feelings of inadequacy, jealousy of others who had what I wanted (looks, relationship, success) all made me feel worse about myself and wonder if I would ever be freed of these lonely and sad feelings…. 😭I know you can relate, you’re not alone.. the crazy feelings are normal and most women who pretend to not have them have them just as much or more!!!

Here’s how I shifted into the energy state that actually manifested my dream man and dream life and how you can too :

Step 1️⃣ – I had to fully ground in the belief of worthiness and lovability from my Soul / Source. There is no 5 stepProcess on how to do this, although I do talk about it in every one of my programs. This is something YOU, yourself, do for yourself, is grounding into your TRUE nature. 💗✨ Your Soul is here always, loving you and guiding you along the path. Once you realize and fully GROUND in the belief that you are loved/loving/Lovable and LOVE itself from the Soul level, insecure thoughts can never phase you again!!

Step 2️⃣ – I fully committed to my dream relationship, in all its wonderful details, BEFORE there was any “solid physical evidence” that it existed. I fully committed to my vision of dream life and dream man, even though many people around me had negative beliefs around relationships.. even when every me I met were repeatedly “not HIM!”… even when I felt “ugly”… I committed, and re committed. And didn’t allow my own bullshit thoughts (or those of others) to sway me from this vision! I knew I was going to have it my way, on my terms : (no meeting him on dating apps, perfect dream man who I was sexually and emotionally attracted to, perfect engagement ring 💍 and babies 👶 ASAP! ) and guess what, even after repeatedly not finding him, I did find him!! Because I committed to the vision and didn’t stop until it was real!!! ✨ it takes a high level of commitment and faith, even through all the “tests” to manifest your dreams.

Step 3️⃣ : Detachment and certainty, along with pleasure in the present moment!!! This step is the most important. I had to let it go and let god. The shitty human fear mind we all have is not gonna help you when it comes to manifesting your soul mate, we are wired to be paranoid and think stupid thoughts that don’t reflect our souls truth. We have to let our desires go fully, knowing that just because we HAVE the desire means it is MEANT to be, and on its way!! And begin to live as if it were true, embodying those feelings completely. 💗✨I started to feel like I was ALREADY with my dream man… so much so that I was completely detached from him ever coming. (Zero neediness) Also, I started to live my dream life in other areas, (business, travel, soulmate bffs, inner sexiness and confidence etc.) So, I really was having so much fun that my dream man was gonna be just a dessert 🍨 on top of this magical life I had created with the first two steps being embodied!!

Step 4️⃣ : Acting it out / embodiment. My Leo moon and Mars self has always been an actor, so embodying the energy of my dream man being already present was FUN for me to do!! Once I realized the value in this. I played in this energy of him already being there, I even physically felt the ring on my 💍finger before he existed to me. I felt the baby 👶 in my tummy. My visualization and embodying were so strong, this reality became more real than the present non-man reality… so I completely stopped having an emotional charge around my lack of love life… Acting out the role of your dream life will manifest it, and make it real. 💯 But, are you going to love yourself enough to commit to your dream reality, even before it’s here in the physical? I hope by reading this you feel your power to create your dream life.


You came for the Joy of Living.

Britney Taylor


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