Live a virtuous Life, and be blessed. Live a life hurting others, and karmically be punished for it. We reap what we sow. It sounds so cliche, but be a good person. Don’t do things that go against conscience. And don’t allow this world to program you into thinking we’re here for self service only and running over others to fulfill our egos desires.

I no longer want anything to do with people who gossip about others. Hurt others on purpose. And are only here for their own self serving agendas. I want to surround myself with people who talk about ideas 💡 Who breathe life into others. Who have kindness and generosity

The supporters!💛These people are the ones truly connected to God and their own soul in my eyes.

What Ive found is when you wake up every day and declare your intention to SERVE others. Asking yourself internally : How can I truly help today, how can I truly be my unique soul frequency and help others in the way only I can? You get placed in a protected bubble of God consciousness.Things work out a lot better for you (no karma created )Healing happens with ease and grace. You allow miracles to unfold. Because you are truly being Virtuous.

Not that bad things don’t happen ever (I have gone through a lot due to the free will actions of others)But I am able to truly heal and still be divinely protected nonetheless. (Never physically harmed and emotionally I am able to heal whatever harm has been done due to my God connection. )And also I just feel so good about myself, as I really feel connected to service & purpose. I know I am being my highest expression. So my confidence is high also.

My suggestion to feel placed in a divine bubble of healing protection, especially if you’re going through a lot (we all seem to be in these times)

Pick a few virtuous qualities you want to embody fully, and embody them, ie, kindness, generosity, purity, diligence etcAnd start your day, asking your inner self and soul, with how you can serve today?Sometimes your highest service will be to just Be and take care of yourself. Other days it may be to extend a helping hand to someone in need,Maybe it’s to write that post or launch that program!

Allow your Soul to guide you! And Be Blessed 🌟💛💡


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