Karmic connections/ Soul connections 🌟

What I love the most about doing synastry charts (relationship charts ) is checking karmic patterns, seeing how the people have known each other in another life, and what the present life has the potential to be about! 🌟💛

Relationships that feel “karmic” or unfinished can be shown by North node / south node aspects / Saturn, 12H overlays, and many more it’s unique to the individuals. It really depends on the level of soul embodiment between the two individuals as well, we could have some heavy karma but if in this lifetime we’re both dedicated to being the highest expression of our soul, we will neutralize the karma fast and easily.

The south node can tend to be a more past life influence and the north node more to the present. If we are aspecting both it can show a karma to be worked out/ special purpose together.

My dad has his moon on my north node .

I have my Saturn on my moms moon/ mercury and south node.

My moon / mars fell on my late partners sun/ Venus / Jupiter stellium in his 12H. I was meant to bring awareness to what he held in his unconscious (12H) and he helped me fulfill my Moon/ Mars In Leo energy of heart expansion, being so in love 🔥 and creative fulfilment . Creating a child. I immediately when I met him categorized him as a good father material, he was good with animals and I sensed his energy would be good daddy too. Him activating my moon / Mars conjunction (moon heart, mars sexual energy ) definitely contributed.

My biggest heartbreak I had my Saturn on his south node and Chiron on his north node His Chiron on my south node (Chiron represents the wounded to be healed / alchemized in this lifetime that then becomes our healing gift 🎁 )

I have also had the connection above with mentors that actually helped me become my true SOUL A soulmate connection is a soulmate connection and the way it works out really depends on the souls involved. But it can be used for growth regardless! Link in bio to book an astrology session with me, I can discern the purpose of your relationship , the karma involved, and the long term compatibility or lack thereof!🌟🌟


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