It’s one thing to BELIEVE in spiritual things, but it is a another thing entirely to actually LIVE and rely on spirit/ your soul / & God. For all the healing you require. Can you rely on the spiritual, just as much as the physical, to heal you? This is something I have been forced to learn, going through the grief journey, life completely turned upside down by losing my fiancé in September.I have always BELIEVED in the spiritual, but never had to LIVE there in order to connect to the person I love more than anything in the world. This has been a great exercise in developing my spiritual connection even further, and to practice what I have been preaching since I began teaching on spiritual things, that the SOUL is where the LOVE truly is. Well, now I have had to LIVE this, for it has been the only way to lessen the suffering and provide some solace in this experience.I believe to fully HEAL we must work on all of our bodies, (physical, emotional, mental & spiritual!)But, the spiritual, and grounding this into ALL of the bodies is the big kicker.I was speaking with a dear soul friend about this, on how I have had to completely rely on my loves spirit to heal my deep fear of sleeping alone. I had this fear since since being with him and sleeping only with him beside me in the bed for the bit over 2 years we were together. I literally could not sleep without him at all. Every night I waited until he came home before I was able to physically sleep. Then, when he died, the first 3 months after I could not sleep until 5am every night, and barely slept even at that. My body just could not figure it out. I did do some physical things in order to heal this, like, I now take magnesium every night, I drink a few calming teas at night time, I sleep with his shirt physically on my body. These are all physical things that helped me begin to sleep normally again, that I still do usually now. But, the biggest thing that provided the healing of this issue beyond these external things, was my spiritual connection.Every night when I lay there, wishing with every fibre of my being that his physical body could be next to me again, I pray to God, and I ask my loves Soul to come in and be with me as I go to sleep. Usually right before I am sleeping, I feel his presence completely with me , and I feel completely calm as well. I dream of him sometimes too. I have had to be reliant on this spiritual connection to heal this fear of sleeping without him. As of now, I have healed this, and I do sleep great again. THANK GOD. Not every single night, there are times I still can’t sleep, but overall, I have healed this, and it is a miracle compared to those first few months where It was just awful, and the sleep deprivation made it all so much worse. The peace and solace I feel when I am in that place of pure connection with his spirit, is absolutely wonderful. It is one of the most miraculous feelings. And I wake up still connected to him as well. I wish for everyone to have this spiritual connection, whether it is just with their Soul and God or with a love one who has passed, this is one of the greatest miracles I have ever felt, we all deserve this feeling!But I had to ASK for the healing, and rely on it. Because he was not coming back (physically) Where are you relying only on the physical to heal you, and where can you let a little bit more of spirit in? Recognize where true healing really comes from : GOD / SPIRIT & SOUL Miracles will abound when you ask for it. And open to receive. ❤


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