There are a lot of inversions in our society, & in order to actually have peace ✌️ and Soul connection we have to do the opposite of many widespread beliefs. 💛🙏

To actually Heal ourselves and find our inner Joy without anything external requires being outside the box. Paving your own way. More time internally focused than externally, which in is basically the opposite of what is “normal.”

We have to be willing to be a “weird freak” in this world, in order to actually Be What We Came to Be, Our True Soul Self. And cultivate true Happiness. ☀️

Many are in a mental / emotional prison state, simply because they deny their true soul self expression, because their actual soul expression would be labeled outside the box, or judged by their family/ peers/ society etc.

I have been so judged on this path. I don’t fit in anywhere. Sometimes I wonder if had I just not been myself so fully maybe I would’ve been more accepted and my life would be easier now. But then I remember how depressed I was before I started being my true self. And no amount of perceived peace from being “accepted” is worth exchanging my Joy and soul connection.

I am birthing a new outside the box way of grief healing, through connecting mediumistically with my love in spirit. And I know I will be highly judged for this by certain people not open to this idea that we live on as spirits. But then I remember that the way things are set up in society and our cultural beliefs are actually intending to keep us depressed. So when we have something that can help people achieve TRUE healing, we will always be up against a ton of interference. Because there are forces at work to keep humanity in a low vibrational state.

My advice to you is if you’re not accepted in this world, you are on the right track of truly helping people.
Because so much is inverted here. It’s literally backwards.

To find true healing and peace we gotta be a bit of a rebel 😉

Keep being You. The real You. 💛

We are the true Healers & Wayshowers of the New Earth 🌍💛

Much Love to All. ☀️💛🙏



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