If you stand for truth, soul sovereignty, and changing the status quo you may be ridiculed, attacked, misunderstood.

But it’s just the fear of change in people, their own unhealed aspects, and the collective darkness in the world resistant to the big shifts going on that are energetically attacking you.
Not their higher selves.

So Stand your ground.
Light wins.

I do feel a great shift happening energetically, and see it everywhere. Truth coming to the light 💡
What I’ve been saying for years being said by the general population now.

Seems to be that the great awakening is happening like all the spiritual people have been saying. What a time to be alive. ☀️🙌🙏💛

Personally and collectively the story has been the same, the unhealed / darkness within people lashing out in an incredibly obvious way.

Giving us something sooo out there and obviously evil to show their true colours, so that we never go back to believing that “evil doesn’t exist” “all is love.” Etc.

I still truly believe most people are good though, cue that Luke Bryan song in my head haha..
i believe in the inherent goodness of people and I will never stop believing in it no matter what soul disconnected 3D humans do to me!!!.
The innocence. The beauty and pure LIGHT of our souls. That is REAL💎🙏💛
But, we have had to down step a lot to exist on this 3D plane. Many here have lost their soul connection entirely due to trauma and energetic interference.

It’s incredibly sad this is the case.

We must stay strong and sovereign energetically. Just being positive and committing to working on being a better person does not automatically mean others will treat you how you deserve to be treated.
In the same way in the world, the darkness is coming to the light. It is also being brought to the light in others in your life. And when they see you shining your light, if they are not ready to heal their own internal darkness, projections abound onto you.

It’s almost laughable in a way the extent that these forces will go to knock you off your centre and destroy your soul if you have a weak point in your energy that allows it.
Your light is a threat.
Some of the things that have happened to me since being in my weakest state, broken hearted, losing the love of my life are actually so dark it’s like a joke really. I am in shock that this can be my life 😂
Yes I will use it to become stronger but wow. Like really Satan? 😂

My advice during these intense times of awakening :
Stay strong. Keep boundaries strong. Continue to cultivate your inner light 💡 God/ Soul / spirit is your source of all. Safety. Comfort. Solace. It has to come from higher in these times of upheaval at the 3D level.

Even in my deep pain, I still can’t help but feel the exhilaration of many souls awakening to their inner light and truth right now.

Can you feel it?

Hugs. 💛

Xo 💛
Brit 💛


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