If I could teach about one thing for the rest of my life, it would be the UNIQUENESS of SOULS. I LOVE empowering others to go within and activate their beautiful SOUL NOTE and then EXPRESS it.

I believe this is truly where MAGNETISM and CHARISMA are born from, which then helps you to attract what you truly desire.

Studying astrology for the first time at 15 years old was so validating for me. I remember reading about my Moon in Leo and everything just rang so true, It was like I knew who I was and who I had always been.

It wasn’t teaching me anything I didn’t already know, but it confirmed how I had FELT my whole life, and how to make the best USE of it. I also felt pretty fabulous when the book shared it was also Paul Mccartneys moon sign, and I had been obsessed with the Beatles since I was a small child. I was like HOW FABULOUS that I shared this with my childhood favourite person. And also, WELL OF COURSE.

Then, with my new found obsession, I went through my life and did EVERYONE’s charts that I knew. My parents, my family, my friends, guys I was interested in. And every single time, it just made so much sense. I really believe this was one of the major turning points in my life, as far as soul growth. Because it taught me the uniqueness of Souls. I began to realize we all had such different and beautiful energies contained within us.

At that young teenage age, it can be so tempting to follow the “crowd” , which I sure did a bit of, but mostly once I had found this new found passion, it gave me the FREEDOM to be my UNIQUE self. I knew I was special for certain reasons, as was everyone else.

Now, astrology is not the only way to this understanding. Not at all. Maybe for you it activated differently and that is perfect too. I think sometimes we can start with something like astrology and then transcend it all together. I still love to use astrology, and I am offering sessions again, but I don’t require it, I can tap into the uniqueness of someones soul without it just as easily. By feeling the energy. All these things are just tools, and maps, but once we activate our Souls we don’t even require the map anymore.

But oh man, I am forever grateful. I think back to that time as a teen, getting it to astrology and running with it, and holy crap, that was 12 years ago now. It was like I had found the magic of living, the magic I always deep down knew existed, but didn’t quite have the words for. That magic was knowing my UNIQUE SOUL NOTE, and SOUNDING IT into the world.

By knowing deeply my Unique self, reading about this energies ,the gifts I had contained within me, the challenges I came to transcend. It freed me. Now thinking about it, I am sending love back to that beautiful, budding Soul Activating young teenager.

Things would get so hard for her due to her choices at that time, but she and her unique soul would prevail, highly credited to her wisdom and dedication to the path of SOUL inquiry. Hugs to 15 year old Brit.

What do you feel is one thing you could teach on all day every day? Of course what you choose will be as unique as the BEAUTIFUL soul you are. 😉

I can help you find clarity on the real SOUL you, peeling back the layers of all you’ve taken on, to Remember the Real you. Whether its an astrology chart session, or deeper in my 1:1 Coaching, I am here to ACTIVATE your SOUL. Dm me to chat my loves.

Sending waves of golden light / love. Xo Brit


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